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Tomorrows Run - Outside in -3 or Inside on Treadmill

My Yaktraxs arrived today so was hoping to go out tomorrow morning to do my planned 4.5 mile run (although a lot of the snow has gone pavements still have patches of ice/snow). Have checked the weather forecast and it is going to be -3 first thing in the morning only reach 1 degree at lunch time.

Option is to stay in the warm and do it on the treadmill but mentally this will be challenging.

While writing this the decision has been made, I shall go out, wrap up warm double/triple layers, will take a rucksack so if I need to strip on the way round I can. If it is that cold it may well make me run faster just to get home quicker and I will ensure I treat myself to a nice hot chocolate when I get home.

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It was -5 when I went for my run this morning. Have to admit it was only week 3 run 3, so I wasn't really out for too long, but it was surprisingly ok. I just bought a pair of snowtrax yesterday and they're really great. I live in the highlands so I'm running on a few inches of compacted snow, but I did have a short patch on tarmac to start. It felt a bit funny with the trax on, and I sounded like a horse, but definitely worth it on the packed snow.

Good luck!


I see you're just a wee ways south of me, nannom82, but we have no snow up here west of Inverness. I'm getting jealous of all the snow runners and as I'm heading to Perth tomorrow, I had considered stopping off in Aviemore area for a quick run - Loch Morlich or Loch an Eilean? However, I see from the forecast that snow is expected around Pitlochry at noon, so I'll keep driving until I'm over Drummocheter before stopping.

If we don't get snow here shortly, I will make a trip to Strathspey another time.


Nice to have the choice - and therefore no excuses to skive. Enjoy.


I ran in -3°C last week and it was great. The road had patches of ice, but nothing too bad. I only wore 2 thin layers on my top half and thermal leggings and was warm enough, except for the last few minutes of the cool down walk - when I had to break into a jog again to keep warm.


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