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Run In Heat...or Sleet?


Some people struggle in this warm weather which is fair enough. Throughout the winter there were similar posts regarding cold spells, darkness, snow, ice….

The thing about outdoors is, and it’s irrelevant which country you live in, you are at mercy of the elements. There is no point complaining, weather is just being, well, weather and we are the guests at its party. I have learned to run in any conditions and some at times are terrible. I cannot deny that some of my early morning winter runs were far from any fun whatsoever. The pain in frozen fingers, ears hurting, first couple of km just trying to get the heart going to warm up the rest of the engine. And the north wind is bashing you hard.

Then there is contrast, high temperatures, humidity, difficulty breathing, dehydration and cramps. What to do, then?

I simply prepare and run. If it’s raining hard in mid January, I will wait for a gap in the clouds but will still try to run. Summer’s the same. I have 16k scheduled for tomorrow, forecast is around 30C so I’m drinking lots of water today, eating sensibly, doing calf/thigh/lower back/Achilles stretches and will do it the same way as I did 15K last Saturday. This time I will probably carry some water with me, last week I didn’t so I laboured a bit towards the end. But if I knew I would suffer, If I was aware that the heat could hurt me (I LOVE heat btw), I just wouldn’t run. I would do cross training or simply rest, but I wouldn’t subject myself to anything that would take the pleasure and fun away. Ok, when I was doing the preps for half marathon I had to go out in the winter no matter what but that was my choice, nothing is written in stone, nothing has to be done in our world.

The point is, enjoy – don’t suffer. Can’t stand the heat? Don’t run in the heat. Run in the gym or wait for cooler weather. Winter? The same deal. If you miss a few runs or few weeks no damage will be done, you will get back to where you were easily. The lack of joy led some people to believe that running is hard, pointless, not taking them anywhere, which is all wrong. Time it right, prepare, get ready and hit the road, your body will recognise what you’re doing and repay you in due course!

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“There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

― Alfred Wainwright, A Coast to Coast Walk

mrrunGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Absolutely! Cannot agree more.


There are a couple of good apps for avoiding the worst of the rain when it is showery - Dark Sky (free I believe) and Home & Dry (costs).

Both give an idea of when the rain is going to hit or pass away. Home & Dry is most accurate for me as it has very frequently updated cloud radar animations so you can gauge to within 15 mins when the breaks will be.

mrrunGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Nothing wrong with rain, makes your skin shine like a polished window of a beautiful car. And the hair looks lovely two. Except if we are talking savage downpour at low temperatures, than I wait. Good idea with those apps, thank you!

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to mrrun

Knowing that a purple blob is coming/passing is brilliant for avoiding torrents. In winter I time going out for my lunch or leaving the office with it.


The only time I have aborted a run because of weather was when sleet was whipping so vertically hard in my face I had to shut my eyes as it felt like shards of glass. Soon realising that running with eyes shut not a great idea, I gave up after 2k.

Good post, thanks mrrun.


I ran during the latest blizzard in Clapham Common, that place is windy even when there is no wind, and it really was fun, running in fresh snow always is. Hard reality kicks in once it freezes over.


Interesting post...the only weather condition I don't run in, is when it is icy underfoot..:)

mrrunGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yep, that one is no fun. There is a horse lane in my local park and those guys (horses) make sure there is no ice once they pass through. I then run. But even then I had to re-schedule a few times as getting there is something like The World On Ice, and in all honesty, I respect my knees and ankles enough not to risk it.


You are the Winston Churchill of running. Tho less drunk and probably a better painter 👍👍


I bet I could outrun him too.

sallensonGraduate in reply to mrrun

Especially in his present condition...


Exactly what l look like after long runs.

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