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W6R3 - treadmill or outside ?

I’m facing the Week 6 run 3 tomorrow. For the 20min run in Week 5 I did it on a treadmill as I was away from home. It was so easy to monitor speed, incline and time elapsed etc. But now I’ve got a 25 minute run outside, with some uphills and downhills involved on the route I’m not so confident. I don’t like being inside, much prefer the fresh air but just worried that I’ll get tired out. Advice please ?

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Go slowly :)

As you say, your indoor run was in a controlled environment. When you head out again, as you know, there are so many variables— weather, wind, elevation, and surface type just to name a few.

Start slow and stay slow. you’ll be fine..just take it steady, relax, look around and enjoy:)


You know, don't you, that everyone is going to say slow and steady. As one who has had to run up and downhill from week one, and who hated it for months, I would say the hills will stand you in good stead in the end in terms of strength and stamina. Take them slowly, upright but inclining forward a little, one step at a time. Mark yourself off sections. you are running to the next tree or lamp post, then the next. Don't look at the top, look at the next marker. If you are forced to walk, don't feel a failure. In a matter of weeks, if not sooner, you will find uphill is no harder than downhill, just different.

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Outside 💪👍😃


Hi Mulberry, I haven’t got much advice I’m afraid as I’m also doing my w6r3 tomorrow. I have done all mine on the treadmill so far, and although I can’t say I’ve loved it, I haven’t hated it. Saying that I found w6r2 yesterday really difficult. I like being able to see my speed, incline etc on the treadmill and hope to venture out eventually. People on here have been very supportive so I’m sure someone with great advice will connect with you. Well done and good luck inside or outside!


Good luck to you too. I think that it’s probably a case of mind over matter. And I do like running along past the next tree, past the next lamppost & particularly turning round to go home when the bell rings !


Just home from completing W6R3 woohoo ! Went outside despite the rain, despite the blustery wind. So pleased with myself.


Well done you! I love running outside- I just go slowly. 😀


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