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Thanks everyone!

I've hit a bump in the road today. Had a terrible cold the past couple of days and barely slept last night so husb got the grump when I said I was going to go running. It seems I can't expect him to bring me Lempsips in bed while I groan endlessly and mutter 'I'm sick... really sick...'

So, today I have to take the day off, which puts me in a grump as it would have been my last day of Week 1 today. At least my teeth with thank me I suppose ;)

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Get well soon!


Thank you! I'm much better today than yesterday but I can understand what he's saying. I've got the rest of the week to get through with the kiddies so better not exhaust myself. Hope you're having a good day!


Feel better soon! An extra rest day can help you so much! BTW: Now you have time to go Buff shopping online... ;-) Gayle


Lol! I might just have to do that!


Poor you! Yes - I think it must be buff time!

Goodness - just looked out of the window - it's snowing quite heavily again!

Hope you'll be feeling much better again really soon.


Probably better to give your body some time to recover by resting. Put your feet up, get on to amazon or whatever and get yourself a buff. Retail therapy - a great reviver!

Hope you feel better soon.



Hope you get better soon, ha! My Dear wife just caught the word buff and got the wrong end of the wot not!!

No a multi function scarf says I. Really says she.

Hmm hmm!

Ah the secret world of the

All the best



Too cute!!! ;-) I guess online buff shopping could mean something else! ;-) Your wife must think we're a crazy lot!!!! :-) :D. Gayle


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