Should i run if i ache?

I started my C25K yesterday, which was great, i thought i would struggle loads more than i did, however today the top of my outer thighs really ache, and standing up after sitting down for a while is a killer. Anyhow tomorrow morning i plan on doing wk 1 run 2, and just wanted to know if this was okay if i still ache in the morning?




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12 Replies

  • First off Natalie, welcome! :-) The pain is probably caused from working muscle which has not been used for awhile. I had muscle aches the earlier weeks of the program. You know your body, so you will need to determine if it is muscle aches from use or an injury. Rest and ice work wonders and another reason to take advantage of the recovery day. If the muscles are aching quite a bit tomorrow, allow an extra rest day or go ahead with run 2 but take it at a slower pace. GOOD LUCK! Gayle

  • Thanks for the welcome and the response Gayle, I dont think its injury, just very un-used muscles getting there own back ;-), will see how it is tomorrow then and make my decision then. Thank you

  • ;-) I neglected to mention, the ice works great for the muscles and wonderfully in an "on the rocks" drink. ;-)

  • Welcome to the crazy running place! If you're in the UK, at least there's plenty of ice around at the moment, if you want to soothe your thighs half way round a run. :)

    You might find you ache less if you take smaller steps/go slower/both - you can always speed up later, when your legs are used to moving in a different way. (Or you can just stay sloooooowwww like me!) Getting out and active, even really slowly, is much better than not getting out at all. Congratulations on starting!

  • Thank you, yep im in the UK, however im a running machine kinda girl hehehe, but smaller steps and slower, will try that for the rest of the week, and if im still aching tomorrow will have to look into ice packs. Thanks

  • One disadvantage of treadmills is that you can see how fast/slow you run - if you run outside, you can just be very slow and ignore it! To start with, my running was slower than my walking - but I doubt I'd have gone that slow if I'd had a machine highlighting it for me. (I measured out 100m and timed myself walking and running, just out of curiosity - not the same as staring at a display.)

  • Who's crazy??? :D

  • Not me. :) :( :P :X

  • Hi Natalie

    Well done on starting!

    Snap - my thighs really ached after the first 2 runs - DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness to give it it's proper name :-) however I did run after just one rest day in between and kept it slow and steady. After that the aches subsided and none at all now. As the other lovely ladies say, see how you feel tomorrow - and take it nice and slow.

  • Hi Natalie...

    Well done on starting. I am affraid the old saying is "No pain, no gain"...

    But the pain you are suffering now will be down to staring to use muscles not used to the exercise for a long time, and they are letting you know about it, as mentioned above. The more you exercise these muscles the less they will gripe at you. Be carfull to take it slow, which is why this is a great program to follow.

    Luck forward to hearing how you get along with the training.. and don't be affraid to repeat a week if you feel you are not ready to go forward.

  • Yep you aren't the first and won't be the last to have achey muscles when first getting off the couch. If they are still tight when you set off for your next run do an extra few minutes warm up walking, it won't do you any harm at all and will help to slacken off those tight muscles. A few gentle stretches after your runs will help too. Good luck with C25K.

  • Thanks for all the comments, i did do my seccond run today though postponed it to the evening, after the warm up walk i really didnt feel the ache in my thighs untill the 7th minute so took it a little slower for the last minute of running, will see what tomorrow brings. Thank you all. Natalie

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