WK4R1 - Stomach ache??!!

Well I did it! Managed my 1st run today, with the support of my 2 x personal trainers (Laura and my 6yr old son on his bike!!). Legs ache, was breathing heavily towards end, but the strange thing is that stomach ache came on during my last 5 minute run! What's that all about then? Has anyone else had the same experience? Thankfully it wore off 30 minutes after my run. Any ideas?! x


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  • Sorry Beetie, never experienced that. Hope it is a 'one-off'.

  • Thanks 'old-git' :) I think it was probably a mixture of worry and my body getting used to this jiggling malarkey! :)

  • What kind of stomach ache? I sometimes get "womanly" type cramps at the end of a run, when I shouldn't (I'm sorry - I've no idea what sex you are!!) And similarly, it wears off soon afterwards.... I put it down to general cramp or something?

  • If you think about it you are jiggling your waist and midriff area about quite a bit, so I think it's that. Also,maybe, you maybe a bit tense about your run.

    Go slowly! Slowing things down really seems to be THE thing that helps the most

    Eat your meal and then go out for your run about 60-90 mins afterwards to give it chance to digest.

    Enjoy your runs! This is a golden time for you and your son. Have fun!!

  • Thanks everyone. I'm loving this forum, it is SO supportive! Your thoughts are really very welcomed, keeps me going :) @miss wobble, I think you might be right, it's probably my body getting used to all of this jiggling about! I'm generally quite fit and active, but I'd normally be on a bike or a yoga mat! I haven't run for over 20 years [cough!] and tbh I was always more of a sprinter than a jogger, so pacing myself and going slow, slow, slow is taking some concentration! You might also be right about the tension thing too Miss Wobble, I was a bit nervous about the increased runs :( I'm out again tomorrow so I'll let you all know how I get on. Thanks again, you're all stars xx

  • I drank a glass of warm water before going out 1st thing in the morning. I made the mistake of going out an hour after food last week and felt a bit acidic whilst out.

    My son loves coming out with me misswobble, I'm sure he'll want to run alongside me soon. He's obviously much faster than me on his bike, until I go off-road onto a playing field when I get my moment of glory :) x

  • Thanks @spikymoss. I am female. It didn't feel low, definitely higher up in my stomach. I'm not worried about it as it wasn't bad, just puzzled me a bit! x

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