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How is your motivation in the bad weather?

I was going great guns until the bad weather set in - completed the dreaded 20 min run in late Nov 2012 quite easily but since then I've really struggled to get going again.

I see a trainer every week but every time I think about going out for a run the bad weather puts me off.

I have bad eyesight too which makes running in the dark impossible as I can barely see where I'm going. Shame there aren't many lit running tracks in the suburbs for people to use.

Anyway that's all really. I hope writing this down and finding some people in a similar boat will help me. :-)

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I've found running in the dark more of an issue than the bad weather to be honest. It is difficult to see and slight dips in the ground make the difference between falling over and staying on my feet.

As I look out of the window before going out yes the weather does put me off a bit but once I get out there I love the exercise. And of course I feel fab afterwards.

Why don't you just say that you'll go out and try it. If you don't like it just turn round and go back home and wait for the better weather.

Remember to wrap up warm. Good luck.


I joined up with my local parkrun they hold a free timed 5k every Saturday. It's not competitive and the social aspect of running with other people is great.certainly at ours we all meet for coffee and a natter after. Google parkrun uk see if there is one near you


I still find getting out there a problem. I was meant to go for a long run on Monday morning but looked outside and changed my plans - after deciding to go back to bed for another 10 minutes...

My biggest problem at first was fear - would I actually survive in the rain/snow/hail/wind? After experimenting on a few runs I found an outfit that works for me. And now that I'm used to it, I just go for it...

I also consider that since I live in Scotland, if I were to be a fair-weather runner, i'd only get to run 3, maybe 4 times a year ;)


I'm very fortunate in that I started this in minus temperatures and have found the cold doesn't bother me. Or rather, I don't feel it. Gloves and a beanie and I'm grand.

That said, I have been waylaid by the snow and ice because I know I'd stack it if I went running, it's all I can do to walk on the stuff.

I'm hopeful of being able to get out either tomorrow or Thursday as it seems to be clearing where I am.


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