What!!! Me graduated - how did that happen

I started C25K at the end of October last year hoping to do the nine weeks but not convinced that I would be able to physically do it. I am overweight, rapidly approaching 60 in eighteen months and the last time I ran was about 50 years ago.

But today I completed W9R3 and feel like I have just achieved the impossible.

Unlike most of you there is no snow here in Cornwall but it is very cold but nothing was going to stop me do my run today. For the last eight weeks I have ran along the Camel Trail but today I decided to run at Lakeview Country Club (just joined the gym there). This was almost my downfall!! The track around the lakes and golf course were frozen and very slippery so decided to run along the road. But the cold made it difficult for me to breath properly and after five minutes running my legs just stopped working and so I thought blow this and decided to do my final run on the treadmill back at the gym - where incidentally my C25K journey began before I discovered the "joy" of running outside. My pace was slower but I did my 30 minutes (well 35 if I count my aborted first attempt). To put the cherry on the cake Rise Against's "Hero of War" was the final track for my cool down and a song that helped me get through a hard run a few weeks back.

What now? Well I find these longer runs hard work so I think I will spend the next monfh doing some consolidation work to improve my stamina and build up my speed - but most of all enjoy my new ability of being able to run.

Finally, ending this very long blog, I would like to thank all the bloggers on here for providing the support, encouragement and help that got me through to the end. For those still working towards completion of C25K - enjoy it and if I can do this then you can as well.

Now to send my message to JR21.


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  • Congrats :)

  • Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing that green badge by your name :-)


  • *pops champagne cork*

    Well done, you did it!!

  • Well done, well done, well done! :D

  • Way hay!!!!!

    Well done??

  • Do not be confused by the ???? Marks I have no idea what they are doing there!

    All the best


  • Congratulations Peabs.

  • Big congratulations PeaBea and welcome to the Grad Club!! :D

    Sue x

  • Fantastic

  • Well done! :)

  • Congratulations PeaBea :-) I'm not far behind you :-)

  • I look forward to seeing your graduation blog soon.

  • Thank you

  • Great news PeaBea! Make sure to apply for your green badge. It's amazing how much pride you'll feel seeing it beside your name! :)

  • Great news. well done.

  • Congratulations PeaBea! Now go get that badge!


  • Lovely blog - very well done! :-)

  • Blooming marvellous well done to you :-)

  • Well done PeaBea. Brilliant! Now on to speed and stamina. I found the speed training strangely exhilarating. Not that I'll be doing that for a while!! Tricia x

  • Graduation posts are aways great to see, congratulations, it feels amazing doesn't it, keep smiling :D well done

  • woooohooooooooooo, congratulations! Well done, great job :-D

  • Very well done to you!! It's so awesome isn't it. It's quite a journey and you did it :)

  • Well done PeaBea!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it amazing! I turned 60 at Christmas and, like you, feel it is such an achievement. I prefer to run outside, put did some of these last few weeks in the gym. It is just too hot in there for me! Hope you have better luck getting that graduation badge. I have been trying since the 2nd Jan with no results. Happy running!!!!!!!! Mary

  • I am hoping that I don't end up waiting as long as long as you have, Mary. I have sent a message to JR21 and just keep my fingers crossed.

  • Yes! I've been waiting an age for my badge too. Maybe JR21 is having a mean streak. Patience..... ;)

  • We can celebrate together whenever he replies.

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