What running did for me...🙂

What running did for me...🙂

Apart from making me fitter than I have been for years, trying to be a good role model to my two boys and helping me massively through the loss of my dear mum recently - running has actually started to undo a lifetime of self doubt that has always hovered over me. This week however, I was successful in getting a new position as Learning Mentor at the primary school where I work and I am so excited! The role encompasses everything I love about working with children. I feel so lucky to be able to call something that I enjoy doing so much, work! Without the positivity that running has brought in to my life, I'm not sure things would have worked out quite this way.🙂 Any one else had similar confidence gains?


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31 Replies

  • Hi sorry to hear about your mum, i definitely have it has made me more confident in a lot of things and how i deal with them, things that would of worried me before i now take in my stride and i eat better since running as well as trying to get a proper nights sleep rather than going to bed when i want i also don't drink as much these days especially a day before a run as i learnt that the hard way lol,also I'm not as worried what people think anymore there was no way i would of worn shorts in town before i started running but now i don't care plus there is no way i could wear long trousers in this heat,good luck with your new job.


  • Thanks🙂 Yep, I also eat a lot more healthily and gave up alcohol over a year ago😮😮!

  • I haven't quite given it up but don't really drink much these days anyway it too bloody expensive but at least buying running gear with the money saved is healthier for me in the long run hopefully.

  • Well done you! Sorry about your mum, I lost mine nearly 9 years ago, she was 86, I know how it feels. I have recently lost a friend who had an accident, and then another guy to pancreatic cancer at 67, that was very quick and brutal. Maybe why I have been feeling quite low lately and affecting my runs..

    But, running certainly helps me to fight anxiety depression. I'm booked in to do the City of London mile on Sunday with my running group, never thought I'd be doing that! Am feeling slightly anxious about it, even now as I write this I can feel butterflies, hope it doesn't get too bad! I just keep thinking, for me it's just a bit of fun and I'll get some bling at the end! and all for free, just hope it's not too crowded there..

    As for drinking alcohol, I like the odd small beer or glass of red, but can now take it or leave it, yes, I have found I don't need alcohol to enjoy myself, especially when I have to drive, just don't really need it now.. yes! running doe's help! 😊

  • Dave, I hope you enjoy the London mile! I wondered how I would react to the crowds at the Bristol 10k I did a few weeks ago, but honestly I loved every minute of it! The atmosphere was amazing, as I'm sure it will be for you this weekend. I am so sorry about you losing two friends so quickly recently, things like that can knock us but stay strong and keep running (it's what we do🙂), there are always easier times ahead if we just keep going. Take care.

  • Lovely post there Sandra 😊 Good for you! Great news about the new job.

    Running, getting fit and healthy, maybe losing weight, all help to boost our self confidence. I think learning to run makes us realise just what other stuff we could do if we just pushed ourselves. It's all in our hands isn't it ☺

    I am sure your two boys will feel the benefit of having a happy, healthier, content mum

  • Thanks misswobble, I think maybe running shows us that we really can take control of our lives and make changes for the better.🙂

  • I feel more energized and just generally better about this old body of mine. Haven't noticed vast amounts of self-confidence yet, maybe that will come!

  • I hope it does! Definately agree with you about the energy🙂.

  • My wife slinkylinky has told me how she feels more energised at work, she's found herself running up the stairs, I said to her, now you can see how much fitter you've become, and also now not worrying about how she looks to people when out running, I have helped her with this..

  • That's lovely. I too have found that it's helped with a bereavement (in fact that's why I started, although I'd done a lot of walking previously) and also that I have a more grounded confidence and, more importantly, self- belief. How fabulous that you've got a job to love (what were you doing in the school before?). I have just applied for a full time job after not working for three years and working part-time for the 7 before that and running has given me the confidence to believe I can do it. Enjoy your new life☺

  • Hi Polly, I was there as a TA and SEN support. Have also worked in a special school and pupil referral unit with excluded children, so social and emotional support is very much my thing!! Good luck with your job application🙂

  • Thankyou...it's mine too! The job is as a gardening support worker, to set up an allotment for young people who are affected by other people's drinking. It's a pros and cons situation - the money would be fab but I would prefer to work part time for other reasons (but, finally, fitness isn't one of them!). Have a great week-end.

  • That's a lovely post Sandra and I agree with everything you say. Running is amazing because it just keeps on giving. I'm sure it's given me a lot of confidence and strength to handle a tricky legal and emotional situation that has been going on for 18 months. My attitude is "if I can run then I can do this". Not sure how I would have managed without the escape to running. We have so much to be thankful for.

    Many congratulations on your new job. That sounds so wonderful!

  • I find myself saying things like that too IP! Glad it has given you that resilience too🙂

  • I could imagine you'd be really good at that job Sandra. Congratulations, I hope it goes really well for you. I'm not sure how much I've grown in confidence because I have never been shy so perhaps the change is not very dramatic. I do have a more positive outlook on things generally. That's definitely the case and I think this carries over into a general can do attitude towards life. I do feel more resilient, emotionally as well as physically. It is amazing really what a bit of running about three times a week can do for you.

  • It is - I think it can make us stronger in so many ways. Certainly that seems to be the case for a lot of the folks on here!🙂

  • It lovely to read of the difference running has made to your confidence - so many unexpected side benefits! Enjoy your new role!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner!

  • I think running has really helped me with stress and anxiety, which I still suffer from (mainly caused by stresses at work) but whenever I run it helps a lot. I have more self belief now than I did before too. I'm just thankful that I have something now where I can say "This is something I stuck to and am really proud about doing". Congratulations on the new job, sounds great :)

  • Thanks Sarah - so glad you have found similar benefits too☺

  • Well done Sandra and congrats on the new job. Sounds like it will be perfect for you!

    I've definitely gained in confidence, 5 years ago I was on acocktail of pills for depression, got through it eventually but only came right off the pills after starting c25k in 2014 just after graduation I think. Never though i'd be a runner,just this morning been sorting through my saved race numbers, turns out I have 19, so my race on the 26th June will be my 20th!

    Don't think id have stayed strong with mums funeral yesterday with out feeling more confident and managed my reading in church with only a few wobbles. Still feeling very calm about it all, strange to be that way but I definitely feel her presence still, sweet mum that she was..... 😊

  • So sorry to hear about your mum Ali.

  • Thankyou bop. She passed away on 29th May. That was the day we were going to do the Needles HM so we are going to do it in her memory and have a drink when we reach tennyson monument, my sister is going to meet us up the with a little lager and lime(her tipple of choice) think she would like that. Yesterday was a fitting tribute to the wonderful mum that she was. :) i'm doing the "running down dememtia" campaign and that is keeping me getting out there running .Done 37km so far.... :)

  • Hi Ali, so glad the funeral went ok and well done for managing a reading. That must have been so hard. Sounds like we have both gained so much from running - although your 20 races put me to shame!!! That must be one fine collection of bling☺! Take care x

  • I think many of us share your conviction that running has made us more confident about facing down the things that might hold us back. So glad to hear your good news and all the best in your job. Our children need wise, enthusiastic and confident grown-ups like you in their lives.

  • Thank you for those lovely words!☺

  • Oh Sandra , that's brilliant news !

    Many Congratulations on your new job, it sounds perfect for you !

    Yes I totally agree with what you say about the increased confidence, its so true. !

    Plus running has given me a purpose and I love it so much , it just keeps getting better !

    Lovely post, loved it ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! Your love for running is very obvious, as is your positive outlook and fab sense of humour!x

  • Aw thank you Sandra , that's really kind of you to say so :-) xxx

  • yes i totally agree running has helped me cope with so many difficult things in my life

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