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Loving these easy pace runs...


A quick blog to say what a joy these easy runs are, I changed my training regime a couple of weeks ago and already my leg niggle is subsiding, I'm also hoping the intervals will help with my pace as well.

Today I got other half to drop me 7k from home, at Blackpool North Pier and I ran back to my town along the new sea defences, a lovely explore, amazing what you see when you get out and about on your feet.

I could have kept running past 7k, but I've promised my self no more than 10% increase per week or run and I followed my own rule for once!

Enjoy you runs; for those interested, garmin stats below:


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Glad you're enjoying the easy runs. I ran along Brighton seafront back in November and loved it. Keep up the good works. Stats look good too.


Well done Phil, sounds like you're doing really well if you feel like still going after 7k! Good that you resisted the the temptation though, I think you're right about increasing too fast leading to injury.


Great to hear you're enjoying the long easy pace runs.

I really enjoy these too. In fact it's my favourite run of the week and I look forward to it, even if not going going anywhere different. On Friday I felt like I could have continued for longer if not for the fact I'd already exceeded my '<10% increase from last week' guideline (I know! I know! I DO know better!).

This coming Friday will be my first chance in months to do this run somewhere away from home, albeit in a city - Glasgow in this instance. I'm studying maps of the river Clyde Walkway, although that will depend on the weather as the last time I walked a section of the river walkway, it was so icy it was like a skating rink.

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I remember my last visit to Glasgow and there were some lovely areas around the river to run, near the BBC, enjoy wherever you end up running.


well done Phil, that looks like a good run and a lovely area. I know what you mean about seing all sorts of interesting things when you get out and about on your feet, it really is great to explore. :-)


I ran for the first time in over 2 weeks this morning due to a nasty attack of flu. I would have thought that flu and coughs and antibiotic would have really made me unfit. But no, to my surprise, I took it slow and steady, and I easily ran the full 30 minutes. No lack of breath. Simples.

I thereby baptize this method the "Phil72 Way"

Plus -- what a program that leaves you fit after 2 weeks of lurgy! Well done NHS!

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Well I thank you for the baptism :-)

Glad to hear you're well and out and about, this programme is amazing, I've never felt better and my legs are getting so much better and muscle defined, if only it would work quicker on the tyre around my waist, but hey ho!

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