W7R1 - loving the runs now

Well I've just got home from W7R1 and can honestly say I'm loving running non stop, I know I needed the walk breaks to start with and that they are very important, but find it much easier to keep a good steady pace going without the walks, did get a few cheeky comments from the local 'parks and gardens' crew which meant I changed my route on the way back and ran places I've never been before, I'm quite a confident person as a rule, but dressed in lycra and a bright orange jacket, sweating like a stuck pig and panting does somewhat draw attention in the daytime. I think I much prefer evening runs in darkness! Still can't believe a few short weeks ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds. :D


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16 Replies

  • Well done keep it up!!!

  • Thanks I'll certainly try :)

  • "dressed in lycra and a bright orange jacket, sweating like a stuck pig and panting" - the woman of my dreams. Don't suppose you fancy a bald 60-something with chicken legs in shorts, do you?

  • You wear shorts? In this weather? lol You're a braver man than me :D

  • Okay.. so trying to lose that image now :) x

  • Forget those evening runs.. out there, running and showing the world!!!

    Very well done...!

    Anyone who offers 'helpful' comments.. ignore.. they are simply so jealous.. !!

    Slow and steady does it, you need to get to week 9 injury free...:)

    I think about my first 60 second run, every time I pass a certain point. and remember it was where the 60 seconds went into the walk... now, I just cruise past like a good 'un! :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss Oldfloss usually run in the evening, but I shall have to venture out in daylight soon enough :)

  • The futures bright...the futures ....you know what😄

    Be loud and proud all the way to the podium giddyaunts 😊xxx

  • Thank you Jan-now-runs I shall be loud and proud when I get to that podium, not long now and I'll be shouting from the roof tops! :)

  • Congratulations on a great run! Yes, ignore the comments and try not to let them put you off or make you change your route. Nothing wrong with looking like you're putting in a lot of effort. Bet Mo Farah looks sweaty and out of breath on some of his training runs too!

  • Thank you SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow

    I didn't really mind the change of route, but it's not always easy to put up with oafish behaviour from some people. I was certainly working hard that's for sure. :)

  • You know you're a Runner when those walk breaks go from 'Hallelujah" to 'Oh god I'm about to be bored stiff' ;)

    Well done you Runner you :)

  • I can't see myself as a runner Irish-John

    I doubt I ever will, but it does feel great when people keep telling me I AM a runner.

    Thank you :)

  • Do you mobilise yourself in a linear fashion by keeping one foot off the ground at all times and both feet progressing in a circular motion?

    That's the definition of running.

    Only joyless snobby gits call it "not really running" or the puking patronising "jogging"

    You ARE a Runner - and soon you will be a Graduate. And if you doubt that, look at early posts of Graduates and you will see you are NOT "terminally unique" :)

    We ALL run together round here - even when we run on our own :)

  • You will. just keep running.

  • Yesterday I struggled with r2w7 so dropped the speed and managed. The great thing about this program and this forum, for me anyway is the mindset of just not giving up

    R3 tomorrow, let's home it was like run 1. All downhill from now on is my thoughts.....

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