Are tempo runs basically 'race pace' runs?

I find the long runs at easy pace are fine and intervals are fine but I really struggle keepng a faster pace (tempo)when I'm on my own. In the half marathon plan I have to do one of these a week, running for 45 minutes tempo then building it up to 50 minutes tempo and then 60 minutes tempo.

I'm not sure how I'm going to achieve this! I was thinking maybe doing parkruns, but this is only 5k and so won't be long enough. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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  • I don't think tempo is race pace. I understood it to be somewhat between the easy conversation holding speed and race pace. Hard but sustainable.

  • I see. So for example 5k easy could be 36 minutes, tempo could be 30 minutes and race pace coud be 28 minutes: does this sound about right?

  • I'm obviously talking about me and not your pace!!!

  • Oh stop it ;-)

    But yes I think that's it.

  • This article may help explain it -

  • Thank you this really helps :)

  • Hi

    The web site is good for when you have worked out your pace because you can select music to make a play list for that particular pace so that you can run to the beat as it were. Good luck, Lane

  • Thanks Lane,

    I have looked at jog fm, but to be honest most of the music was new to me!! (I'm an '80s or even '60s girl!) It's a great idea though and I will continue to look.

  • I can't seem to get off "easy" lol!!

  • Nor me; I can do 'race pace' with others around me, but anything in between easy and race is unbelievably difficult (not happening :) )

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