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Bad weather likely to stop play!


I've spent two days seeking the advice of the good folk on here as to whether to follow Laura for the first two runs of Week 6 or do my own thing (overwhelmingly advised to listen to our leader, by the way) and now as my next run would be in the morning, the decision appears to have been taken out of my hands, temporarily at least.

I work in London but live by the coast (60 odd miles away) and things were expected to be so bad today, the firm closed early, or rather I was given the nod to send home those staff who were likely to have problems on their commute, essentially those who live outside London. After casting my eyes around the room, my eyes lit on someone who definitely fitted that criteria, a hard working, conscientious and dedicated individual who I felt deserved a break.

So off home I went.

Listen, it was pure coincidence I happened to be in the toilets at the time, I mean, how was I to know there'd be a mirror in there?

I set out just before 3 pm only to find no trains from my station, by the time I got home I'd been on two underground trains, two overground trains, a bus and Shank's pony. And the only one that left on time was the last one. My train company is absolutely hopeless at the best of times so it was only to be expected that a bit of snow would be too much for it to cope.

Still, who's complaining....

Anyway, the problem I have is that the snow here hasn't settled and is more slush and ice than pure snow, therefore it's quite dodgy underfoot, add freezing overnight temperatures to that and I reckon I'd be foolish to risk slipping and doing myself an injury. I'm hopeful it might be okay by Sunday and I'll probably check out a local park tomorrow for a safe route on the grass, just in case.

I don't know how anyone else is but I've found I hate being forced to miss a running day. I'm grand if it's my choice but the times it's been out of my hands, I've been quite irritable. I suppose I'll have to placate myself with a buff hunt in TK Maxx, some self wicking running gear, a curry and too many beers.

That Greeners girl is gonna cost me a fortune!

Okay I was partially joking, I made sure those in the department who needed to, left early also.

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Make sure you go shopping before you have the too many beers :D

No running for me today either, we've had a good 4 inches of snow and it's all still there. I don't fancy running down the bumpy road and not being able to see the potholes and lumps!

I am reet annoyed, I hate missing runs too. The worse thing is that the weather doesn't look like it's going to improve in the next few days so who knows when I'll be able to get out there. Chuffing snow. Ah well, there are two very excited small people in our house (not me, I'm a grouchy small person) so I will get my work out taking them sledging.


I'm weighing up whether to run today. I really want to go out, but everywhere is covered in the white stuff and where the snow is not too thick, there's nothing but ice. More bad weather predicted, so need to make my mind up soon.


Lucky here as not much snow so able to do my local Park run this morning, it was cold and a bit icy but lovely when I had finished :-) can't believe I actually look forward to running. Hope you all are back out running soon :-)


Pre-couch to 5k I wondered why people appeared to be running in all weathers. I thought they were bonkers, but now I too find I am irritable at the thought of not being able to go out for a run this weekend. We had a good deal of snow in Gloucestershire and now it's just too icy to risk it - forecast is for it to freeze again tonight!


So glad you said that, I'm like that too..I just got back from braving the snow and it went ok, had to run on the roads thou x


Now you can't blame me for the self-wicking stuff, that was someone else entirely!


Ha ha!

Thought it was you!


Lol.....the lubberly gubberly white stuff,I live in Suffolk still snowing as I type...but.

The conservatory was just right, I think I may go into shock when I do venture out.

Like Cazvs has said no beers before buying, and stay away from tinternet afterward oh the things you may end up

All the best



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