What's it to be - running or drink and drugs?

Tried my first run without music this morning.

Decided to listen to 'Ageing', a Woman's Hour podcast (ironic really, as I'd like to think I'm still think too young for Woman's Hour :D ).

Thud, thud, thud, thud ... my steps resonating loudly through my headphones weren't masked by the chat in the same way as they are by music. Concentrated on zoning out the thud and focussing on the conversation.

They started with the youngest contributor - in her forties - who described her generation as splitting in to two distinct halves: those who continued to rave, to take drugs and to drink; and those who took up running! She proudly and happily announced she liked running, and the host enthusiastically agreed that she did too. That made me chuckle and Woman's hour definitely helped distract me from the first toxic ten. A decade late perhaps, but it seems I made the right choice in the end :D

Thirty minutes out and the podcast ended, silence reigned ... thud, thud, thud ... What's that all about? a thirty minute Woman's hour? eh?

I did think the run felt more relaxed, the pace was entirely steady - just one second between the times for each 1km split - and I was aware of a nice smooth rhythm, albeit pretty slow (in, 2 ,3, 4, out, 2, 3, 4, ....)

I will try spoken word again but not sure I'm quite ready for Woman's hour. Need to do some more research on what to listen to in future - any suggestions anyone?


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  • I listen to In Our Time. The very early ones were 30 minutes, but the later ones are over 40 minutes. These are all good, but the recent one on Bird Migration was astonishing - I came home from my run and told my family all about it:


  • Brilliant. Thanks. I've lived a rather sheltered (blinkered?) life and In Our Time is new to me. That's a great link.

  • You're never too young for The Archers.

    I quite enjoy Woman's Hour actually. An occasional dose of Jenni Murray demanding why William Shakespeare didn't write more strong older female roles for Helen Mirren never fails to cheer me up.

  • Haha! I did consider The Archers, having seen it mentioned on here before. But ... the Archers? really? .... it would be such a line to cross, almost like deciding to try Marmite :D :D :D

    I feel sure Woman's hour MUST have some stuff I would like. I will search Jeni Murray - the word 'strong' was entirely lacking from the one I listened to. Note to self; don't be too quick to judge :D

  • BBC Ouch is fabulous. It is a disability (in its widest sense, so mental illness eg anxiety too) focus but not your usual inspiration porn... very funny, down to earth and educational.

    GQT is good if you really want to keep your pace down.

    If you want to keep going with the Barnsley-born then there's Ian Macmillan on BBC R3s The Verb

  • Will check Ouch out; another one new to me. I never thought of GQT - as a gardener that may well prove perfectly absorbing/distracting, although I may need to look for a 'Time to go home now' notification in Map My Run :D

  • Ooh BBC Ouch looks great. My kids have one or two 'quirks' amongst them (who knows where they get them from ....) - I can see lots of interesting stuff on there. Brilliant. Thanks.

  • One addiction for another.

  • You're right there ☺

  • I grew up with R4 and so have been listening to the Archers and Woman's Hour for (cough cough) years. You are never too young!

    Try the news quiz or any of the comedies or plays. Widening out there are good podcasts; try tedtalks or serial maybe.

    I have audio books from Audible. I pay a small monthly fee and can get a book each month. I love having a good story to tune into, especially as runs get longer. I have run (faster) to murders and zombie tales (as the fog descended.....), wept and laughed out loud.....fortunately its quiet where I run! πŸ˜πŸƒπŸ˜‚

  • I knew I was sticking my head above the parapet here ... not sure why I feel the archers and woman's hour are for older people ... clearly I am deluded :D :D

    Pretty sure I have a free credit with audible so maybe that's something else I can try.

    I was very aware, as I ran through town, how bizarre my facial expressions must look as I frowned/chuckled my way through the woman's half-hour I'd chosen. Hey ho! :D

  • Bill Bryson reading his books is usually good. I love A Walk in the Woods (about the Appalachian trail) but found the laughing weakened me so much I could barely run. Same with Jack Dee's autobiography. Crying with laughter during a long car journey yesterday. Luckily not driving!

  • Laughing out loud and running? Now there's a challenge :)

  • So pleased someone else listens to 'words' I mix it up with music for variety and also recommend the Archers. I find it great fun ; the mix of social issues with village minutiae is priceless. I download from the BBC radio iPlayer where there's a great variety of audio. Have fun!

  • Ok. I'm giving in. The archers it is for my next run :D :D :D

  • I'm contemplating a couple of doves, some Marshall Jefferson and a brisk 15 miler.

    With a big grin on my face.

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