Matching snowflakes to kilometres

Soooo cold, and I saw snow in London this morning - well about 3 snowflakes, but they still count.

Determined to prove I am not of the 'snowflake' generation I go out and run, having had high hopes of doing a minimum 5k possible even going long at 10k+.

But my head and legs were in a different mood today and so it was 3k, that's a kilometre for every snowflake I saw. Better not calibrate my distance to snow in future, it could be dangerous.

So to all those runners today who got out with real live snow on the ground, well done, you did better than me. But every run counts right?

More details below, if you're interested...


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14 Replies

  • A run is definitely a run - I went out last night and lasted only 12 minutes 51 seconds which was 1.78KM and an average pace of 7 minutes 14 seconds. Given my disappointing efforts over the past few weeks the fact that I went out was enough. I had the coldest thighs in Christendom though - it was freezing!

  • Yup, I was quite shocked, having had the heat of Italy all year - it was still around 18/19 degrees during the day up until end October, coming home to the UK quite a shock to the system.

    And snow!!!! Man it felt cold, and I realise this is very wimpish... in cycling there's a saying 'Winter Miles equals Summer Smiles' according to Mr JCR. So I am holding onto the fact that getting out is better than not. And when it's really cold I guess you can do damage if you're not sufficiently warm - that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. But well done you I was warm enough to continue out there, cold thighs - not a chance. So you get my vote on commitment!

  • Wooooooo....I can relate to cold thighs....bonus though that I have no idea what’s going on with my legs when they’re freezing but they do keep on running....

  • Is it possible to use the Snowflake/KM correlation in advance.... ie. No Snowflakes = No Run? Asking for a friend.

  • Loving that measure! Does that friend's name begin with S?

  • WHAT? You don't think its me do you....Jeez!!

    *Slowly backs away whistling...*

  • Not at all... whistling is a dying art I'm told, nice that you are practising it..

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 Scott33 ....little bugger

  • Each run counts! And 3k is pretty decent distance :)

    I did approx 300 yard in kind of wellies with my dog :P Does it count as well?

  • Wellies and a dog yes that is obstacle training! :)

  • Well, we were avoiding obstacle in a shape of small white dog (no, it wasn't a snowflake) as he looked like a barking type and my furry love already started to change to the black hyaena.

  • Definitely counts! Not that I have any qualifications in deciding these things...

  • Hey, you still ran. 👍

    It snowed a bit on my afternoon run today; just a little flurryfart of white coldness but snow is snow! ❄️

  • I am not are runtastic in my eyes xxx

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