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Week 9!

My daughter and I ran run 3 week 8 yesterday but separately.

It's very snowy and icy. My daughter did a much better time/distance than me (no surprises there). I was very tentative due to the ice.

Anyway we're running week 9 run 1 together tomorrow. Hopefully we will graduate on Tuesday.

At the end of everyone of our runs I play Heather Small singing Proud. Yes this week I feel Proud :-)

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Good luck Mojo for W9R1. I have just completed it and it felt good (in a masochistic way!!!)


Lol Peabea Thank you.

I can't tell you how amazed I am to reach week 9. My daughter tried to run last year and wasn't very successful. She's dead chuffed but this couch to 5k programme works.


It most certainly does. I couldn't have run for a bus before I started and now who needs a bus!!!


You've found your mojo alright. Lovely to be doing it with your daughter too.


lol @ greenlegs. Yes it is special to be doing this with my daughter. The only trouble is she's finding her confidence now and is leaving me behind.


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