What to eat before run for fuel?

If you run first thing in the morning or in the evening before dinner is there anything you can eat shortly before hand that doesn't cause problems with your run? I usually try to run in the morning after getting my kids out to school etc but think I might need to eat something light before I run. When I get home I have my own breakfast but I'm wondering if it would be better to have some fuel in the tank rather than an empty stomach. Similarly if I run in the evening....I don't want to have my evening meal until my run is done. Any thoughts?


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  • Bananas. Just enough to keep you going, but not heavy enough to slow you down.

  • Banana or a yogurt.

  • A small banana works for me. Or 2 slices of pre-sliced cheese, such as Leerdammer or Jarlsberg - that works for me as well. I tried chocolate milk, for a short while, but given that I have to have two cups of coffee before I go anywhere first thing in the morning, more liquid caused more issues thank it solved :D

  • I run at lunchtimes and Ive been having a banana about 11am just before it. Am no expert but it seems ok so far!

  • Haha I would say - yes youv'e guessed it, a banana. If I've run out (pardon the pun) I have a cereal bar, always washed down with a glass water and cup of tea.

  • Empty stomach works best for me - I've yet to experience any downside to it

  • Somewhere in my reading about running, I came across something that said that running for half an hour should be fine on an empty stomach, because the body has enough stored up for more than that anyway, so I tried it, and it seemed fine. (I think it was in Chi running, but not sure now.) But it might vary for individuals.

    Not quite what you're asking, but yesterday I came across some reviews of an interesting book about how damaging it can be for long distance runners (not most of us yet, then) to over-hydrate. Interesting. Sports-drink advertising apparently has a lot to answer for.

  • I was running (9 - 10 am) up to 45mins on 'empty' - except for 2 glasses of water. When I went up to an hour I had a glass of smoothie in place of one water.

  • I ran on Sunday morning on an empty stomach and had a great run, but everyone is different.

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