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At last, all the saints be praised

I finally, finally, completed the first run of week 4 after about 8 or 9 failed attempts. The last five minutes kept on defeating me. But this morning I did it. I don't know whether it was the cold, the sunshine or a slightly changed route but whatever I DID IT.

Fingalo thanks for your encouragment, I couldn't remember your poem but I did remember a book I used to read to my daughter about trains pulling trucks up a hill and the engine (perhaps it was Gordon or Thomas the Tank) repeating to itself "I think I can, I think I can, and then when it was nearly at the top changing to "I know I can, I know I can" so I used that to keep me going.

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Well done!

I know that story - it's The Little Red Engine, rather than Thomas the Tank. My grandad had two 45 records, with Little Red Engine stories. One was about the Little Red Engine being ill, and the other one was about him carrying the king - not sure which book that bit is from. The storyteller had a very distinctive voice - I can hear him doing the 'I think I can...' bit very clearly! There was a Little Dog Hurry somewhere in the story too.

Now on to week 5... You can do it, you know you can! One step at a time.


Whoops - not on to week 5 just yet!


I'm so pleased you got there Roisin. It's weird (and wonderful) how this site works for us all, here's you thanking me for helping you and there was me the other day thanking Greenlegs for inspiring me with the final run of Week 4!

When you think of it now, you have done a five minute run so often, the next time it'll be easier. That you have to do it twice in one session won't faze you. You only have to look at my final blog from that Week to see the difference, I went from failing the first time to adding a run.

Onwards and upwards!


Week 4 is the same for me, keeps flooring me :( Just couldn't get past that last 5 minute run.

Was onto about the fourth or fifth attempt and a chest infection kicked in, then some awful bug causing dizziness, lethargy and feeling sickly :-/ A few folk at work have it and lasts about 4-5 weeks :(

Anyhoo, seem to be over that now so been out for a couple of less disciplined runs, ie no Podcast, just going for a bit of a walk and a jog to my own music.

So now I will be starting Week 4 again :-/ hopefully will get it nailed at some point haha.

Best of luck to you, at least you did it once, I'm jealous ;) lol.


Week 4 was the worst of them all imo. I don't know exactly why, maybe all the walk-run-walk you have to do, but I found it far and away the toughest. So don't worry, just get it behind you and then W5R1 is almost a walk in the park in comparison. Even the music's a bit less awful.

You're doing fine, just keep going and you'll get there. Even if you do have some incompleted runs they'll still be training you up so you're winning no matter what. :-)


Well done Roisin, you are a couple of weeks ahead of me, but I have done this before a few years ago. I just wish I had not stopped for so long.

I do remember from last time a couple of occasions where I didn't complete a run, but persisted, and I think one I managed on the 3rd attempt. It is such a good feeling when you conquer it though. The cool down walk turns into a cool down strut! :)

Roisin is my daughters name by the way 'little Rose.' :)


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