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Where to start again?

I've had too long off running. My last run was November 22nd. Since then I had a death in the family then went away for Christmas then had a terrible cough all of which put me off.

But now it's a new year and the cough is clearing. I'm so eager to get back but I don't know where to begin.

Before I stopped I was on about week 3 of bridge-to-10k. Running around 7-8 k. But finding it hard work.

Any ideas where to pick it up again?

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Sorry to hear about your Xmas troubles.

I wouldn't have thought you'd have lost too much fitness over a month and a half. I'd go back a week or two and see how hard you find it. It will probably be a bit of a killer at first, but you should get it back in no time


I'm new to this running thing but have read quite a lot of these blogs etc over the last few weeks and I would agree, I've seen it said a number of times that you retain much of your fitness over such a period.


Thanks guys. Really good to know that all that hard work over the summer and autumn may not have gone to waste. I'm surprised how much I've missed it. I think I'll start back at 4x 10 mins and carry on from there. Good luck with all your training too!


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