8 months in & I prepping for my new challenge

I havent posted for ages so I thought I would get up to date.

I started C25K in May last year after being a life long hater of running (i'm 47).

I can honestly say I havent found any of my runs easy and dont actually enjoy it until I finish. Then I'm elated!

Well, in May this year, just under 1 year after starting this, I am proud to say that I will be running a half marathon.

I would never believed it last year when I really struggled to run for 60 seconds, that I would be looking forwad to completing 20k.

I still run at the pace of an artheritic snail but I can run for 1 hour 40 mins non stop.

After graduating, I concentrated on getting faster (my 5k time was 50 mins) but I stopped enjoying it so after months of pushing myself to go faster, I decided to go further. That was the turning point where I really started enjoying it again.

I just completed my 1st Parkrun today, despite having signed up in July and not finding the courage to do it as I am so slow. I set off, knowing the previous results, that I would probably be last, but it didnt matter anymore. I can run! I came 138th out of 145 so I was OK with that. Best of all I knocked 2 mins of my personal best time.

I am so glad I found C25K, it has changed my life in many ways. I am even planning to walk to Everest base camp next year to celebrate the last year of my 40s.

It's so nice to come back on the forum & get inspired all over again by all you wonderful people.

Happy running!

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  • Well a big congrats on your first park run, places schmeses it's finishing that counts.

    Everest...........hmmmm to boldly go and all that good stuff, all the best.


  • Excellent well done on your first park run x x so good you should feel very proud of yourself. I did my third today in 40:57 not a PB but like you 6 months ago I was a non runner I came 70/70 lol but I had fun and my eldest came to and ran 32:16 :) x x

    And you going to Everest sounds a big adventure good luck x x


  • Good for you going for a Half Marathon. All the best training for that. I had thought I'd do the local one this spring, but since suffering with an IT band injury, I've given up on that idea. I'll be happy when I can get back to running for an hour, never mind 1 hr 40. I too, really enjoy the long, slow runs rather than trying to go fast.

    Maybe we hikers (I, too, am planning a trip to the Himalayas - Annapurna in my case) are built for stamina, not speed... ;-)

  • Swanscot, I think you've got it in one - stamina not speed. Taking on Everest will be a walk in the park.

  • I remember your posts from last year as we both started this journey at similar times, I was wondering the other day how u were getting on, then today I find out that "fantastically" is the answer.

    Good luck with your half marathon, 1hr40mins all I can say is OMG :-)

  • Just posted on the other thread, but this made me look up my local parkrun again - this week there were 13 people at 38 minutes or more, with one over 50... Good for them! Maybe new year's resolutioners, but still - maybe I don't have to wait until I've speeded up. (Last time I looked, in November, there were hardly any more than 30 minutes.) Once I can do a continuous 5k run, I think I'll have a go, even if I am slow. And even if I'll be last. Someone has to be last!


  • Well done you - keep enjoying it ! While I'd like to get faster and plan to work towards that, my main aim is to still be enjoying it in 20-30 years time (I'm 45 now). I see a lot of older runners and, to be honest, much as I admire the fast runners, I am inspired by the older people who are either still running or have started running later in life.

    I can't deny that I sometimes try to catch other people in a race but I'm satisfied if I beat my own previous time or distance. I'm aiming for my first half-marathon in March. I haven't started my training schedule, thanks to a lingering cough, but I will get round.

    Enjoy your training and enjoy your half - it's just good to be out there !

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