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Alzheimer’s Challenge - 3 Months Down

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or is that up?

Either way, we are 3 months through the year - 25% in percentage terms. But what about you JCR? Where exactly are you in this non-Spring like holiday? I have to run 2018kms in 2018 to hopefully raise £2018 for Alzheimer’s Research.

In a nutshell - they year is 25% the way through, I have run 547km against my straight-line target of 504.5km. And my fundraising is at 35% of the £2018 target.

I’ve learned that:-

the mind can push the body

ju-ju- ’s tip of wearing bright red lipstick (now known in my house as runner’s ruby) is an absolute corker and I recommend it to you all

my ideal pattern for running now is 3 days running and one day of rest (this is NOT a recommendation btw, for any one going through the plan)

I actually loved the Beast from the East and found ‘snow running’ to be delightful

C25K friends are the best friends in all of this, through your generosity, support and encouragement

when something twinges, stop running and do something about it i.e. follow the advice on here!

cross-training is helpful, if painful (thanks Rignold)

I couldn’t have even considered this is it wasn’t for a lady called Laura, who decided to create a plan that over 45,000 of us on here have followed

An unsung hero is a big help - Mr JCR, who nags when he has to, sympathises when he needn’t, and provides me with treats when I meet a new milestone (so far that’s a gin making workshop, a sports massage, and a mid-year gait analysis)

Hopefully, Spring will arrive soon and I can start running with fewer layers, then resemble a runner, rather than the Michelin man.

Happy running everyone.

Oh and thanks to jeanie who very generously sponsored me today too.

Jeanie - I thanked you here too

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You can do this thing!

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Jancanrun in reply to mrrun

That’s the plan, I am now a ‘numbers’ obsessive - it would be excel but this Apple stuff doesn’t do Microsoft. Every day I find myself re-calculating distances, oh and doing that daft thing of running an extra bit of a road to round my numbers... Pathetic really, still it’s in a good cause. We travel back home to Italy on Wednesday, so I am hoping Lucifer’s little brother visits soon, I’m missing the sun!

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mrrunGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

I'm off to Croatia a day before you. Good weather forecast! :) Warm/sunny!

And, lol, I also round my mileage. Sad fool.... ;)

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That's excellent, always good to be a bit ahead at this point.

That’s absolutely fabulous Jan. You are ahead of schedule, injury free and enjoying it. You must be so proud. I love the thought of your runner’s ruby, and if you are ever in need of a replacement I can get my daughter to get some from her work (Estée Lauder) in fact I may suggest that they name one of their lipsticks Runner’s Ruby in your honour.

Looking forward to hearing all about your running in Italy.

X x x

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Jancanrun in reply to Razouski

Thanks Gill, I’ll be back in June perhaps a Pct could be scheduled.... so sorry we couldn’t catch up beforehand. Thanks for the lippy offer it maybe be needed. Take care and happy running to you too.


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Great post, thank you. Happy running!

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You are amazing! Unstoppable! Impressive results especially considering that not so long time ago I was reading your posts from C25K program.

You are my role model.

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Jancanrun in reply to IgaT

I still read yours you are the amazing one here, Week after week you keep getting through, despite lots of ill health issues, workloads etc. But I thank you for your kind words they help keep me going

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

You are the Runner with big 'R' who goes out there day after day in support of big cause ;)

I am the runner who fights against illnesses and conquering not as often as I would wish, but I'm getting there ;) This week off again, but plan to go back to the wild tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed for my respiratory trackt healing. My throat is still dodgy.

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Jancanrun in reply to IgaT

Best of luck in the wild! I will be with you in spirit - I have 10k to do tomorrow. I do hope your respiratory tract and throat are better soon.

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Wow, you're ahead of schedule! I am well-impressed. I thought I run a fair bit, but I'm nowhere near the distances you do and there's no way I could run those distances without injury/exhaustion/getting the sack/being divorced by my understanding husband etc.

Obviously ruby red is super magic lipstick! Although I think you have super magic legs!

Thanks - yes I yanked myself up, because of the January slow start, and with some great advice started working on what running routine works. My pace is all over the place and i am not in pursuit of hills, if I come across them that’s fine, but otherwise I plan to avoid the serious ones. In Italy that will be harder.. I don’t work now, so that frees up running time, but man the laundry...,

I salute your achievements so far and wish you good luck in reaching your goal. A really good cause, too. You should be feeling very proud of yourself 👍

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Put simply, you are amazing!

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Wonderful, you are doing so incredibly well. I cannot even go out the door without that flipping lipstick on now or I feel I’ll be jinxed!! Btw mine is L’Oréal 506, red infallible... like us 😉

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Jancanrun in reply to ju-ju-

Ill have to look that one up - mine is a Clinique colour unknown as lable has fallen off

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