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B210K W1R1 done and dusted but boy was I HOT!

Well that was quite an experience, running in the gym. Firstly it was very hot, even before I started to run and by the time I had finished, I was absolutely shattered. I do so miss the outdoors. Secondly my poorly knee started to complain so although I ran for most of the programme I allowed myself to walk for the last 8 minutes instead of the 5. I have to say I was quietly relieved when Samantha said stop!

Having not run for a while I was surprised just how fit I still was and ran over 5.5k, go me :)

I will have to leave a few more days than normal in between my runs just so that I can take care of my knee. The last thing I want to do is to damage it and have to stop running again.

I have some catching up to do with the rest of the B210k class of 2013 but I will get there eventually.

Happy running everyone :)

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Well done! *applauds*

Don't worry about "catching up" to the class... some of us are doing the six week Bridge-to-10K and others are doing the ten week Ease-into-10K. We've all got our own progression, which is fine. Definitely don't injure yourself again... and we'll be here cheering you on!


Thanks IronMatt, its great to be running again and having a great goal to work towards with so many of us on this forum. :)


Go Maggie, go!! :) :)

Great to hear that you have started this and it went well; 5.5k is excellent! :) Taking extra rest days in between is a good idea to avoid injury to that knee; there is no hurry to finish after all.

Best of luck for R2!



Thanks Sue :):)


Be careful Maggie. i too am out with a knee injury-but I'm not restarting until it is completely healed. Sounds as though your knee is complaining it is not up to that length of time. Take time out-you will benefit in the end.


I will Pearsey,I am booking myself an appointment with the physio next week as it is still causing me problems. It started when we had a cold snap and I felt something go twang and it has been uncomfortable since then. I rested it for a month now and it seemed a lot better until I asked it to run!!!! Currently sat with an ice bag on it whilst drinking a cup of coffee!


Takes 12 weeks minimum Maggie. No running or fast walking :-(. it's a pain, I know, but the only way. I went out for a walk a week ago-warm up pace-and my knee has regressed. Told off by osteopath, as not supposed to be doing that, so set myself back again. When i do start he has suggested retro walking at first (walking backwards and sideways) to build up the muscle. I also googled a YouTube recommended on here for exercises: "exercises for knee injury" and it came up. Very good stuff on there.

R.I.C.E for today, at least maggie.

Hope you get on ok at the physio tomorrow :-)

Colette x


Thanks Colette that has been very helpful. I am hoping to run the Bristol 10K in May so I shall make sure my knee is fully recovered before running again. I love the suggestion of walking backwards and sideways, as a Vertigo sufferer I shan't find that too difficult :)


Lol!! Love your last remark :-). Horrible condition though-I do sympathise.


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