oh dear....too long a break...am I bonkers?

So graduated back in April and after a few weeks completely lost momentum for various reasons and have not been running properly for maybe 2 months. Just once in a while. Thought I could just climb back on the horse, so on Sunday off I went for a 5K. First 15 mins ok. Then the ratio of running to walking went increasingly in favour of walking...... Cross with myself I have entered a 10K (??!) run on 12th October. Started on the Samantha Murphy bridge to 10K today and I'm really pleased to say I managed it - 4 lots of 10 mins with a 1 min break. It was hard though. Is this the right thing to do though? I think the reason I stopped running the 5K was because I got bored, so I figured the 10K would challenge me, and its seems easier to do it in smaller chunks at first after not running properly for so long?


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9 Replies

  • Sounds like a great run. You managed it which means it is probably ok for you. I did Week5 run 2 today of Sami and it has been tough but it is certainly getting me there 2 x 25 mins today. Good luck

  • Good luck to you too. I've missed this forum/blog, really inspiring!

  • Hard but do-able sounds okay, so I'd say you're doing well. Particularly given your longish break.

    I can totally emphasize with getting bored from doing the same runs time and time again, so signing up for your 10k sounds like a brilliant idea.

  • Thank you! I'll try again day after tomorrow, should be easier!

  • Wow! This could be my post! I started with Sami last week and my 10km is the same day! Good luck for the rest of the programme :) well done for getting back out there :)

  • Good luck to you too! You're not in Norfolk by any chance are you?

  • No the Wirral :) thank you :)

  • Sami or other equivalent versions of bridge to 10k work for some people, but be warned that they are very intensive and can increase the chance of injury.

    Another (and possibly less boring) route to 10k would be firstly consolidate your ability to run 5km. Then mix up your 3 runs in a week - one 5km at an easy pace, one hills or the speed podcast and one "long" run, again at an easy pace (you should be able to talk) and increase this one by 10% per week. This has the advantage of needing less time commitment per week that the B210k method, and it also has 3 different types of run so is less boring.

    Having a challenge is a great way of giving yourself the motivation to get out there, but do be careful and make sure you do everything you can to avoid injury.

  • Thanks so much for the advice. I think I may do a combination of the bridge to 10k and the shorter 5k runs you suggest. Best of both! Many thx.

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