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Shame faced graduate!

I originally graduated in september time but unfortunately due to a wedding, illness and (if i'm honest) sheer laziness i have fallen off the C25K wagon.

However, i have set myself 2 goals this year, the first is a 10k for Cancer Research in july and the second is to hopefully have a baby. The first goal i feel is doable but the second i have been having difficulty with.

With all that in mind i decided 'right, time to get serious and get fit' and this programme falls so easily into that, so i have re-started my C25k journey. On monday i thought i'll have a go at week 1 it was ok so did it yesterday too. I know i am supposed to do it 3 times but i may cheat a little and test myself with week 2 on saturday! I decided as well that i will go a little faster and up hill!

In a few months i hope to graduate again.

Above all i'm glad to be back!

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Well done for starting again I'm sure you will be running 5k in no time. And good luck with your baby aim too.


Thank you rolphie2, i just need to get back into the routine!


Welcome back Shellie! No need to be shame-faced, life gets in the way and I am sure most of us our guilty of not staying fully committed at one time or another. Best wishes in the baby department! :-) Wishing you a great next run! Gayle


Thanks Gayle, it may never happen but i've got to give it a try! And you're right life does get in the way sometimes, to spur me on i've decided to get a pink graduate t-shirt for the Race for Life 10k in july!

Thanks again xx


Welcome back Shellie! You may have fallen off but you are back on it now and sound determined so good on ya! :) You have something to aim for too so that should keep you motivated and focused.

I think just get back into it the best way that is for you; you have done it before so know the importance of not over-doing it and listening to your body so if you feel able then just crack on. Best of luck with the running and the baby making!! ;) :D

Sue x


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