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Shame faced but back!

One very humble graduate reporting back. I last blogged here in July when I was on B210K, W2R2. I wrote how I had a horrible run and how hard it was. That was on a Wednesday, on the Friday I woke up running a high temperature, and feeling awful all over.

This went on and on, the doc said it was something viral and I had to ride it out. As you've guessed, I didn't run that day or for the next couple of weeks. I wasn't too worried as I have taken a break before without too much loss of fitness and since then I turned out a couple of times and managed 30 mins without problems. But, and it was a big but to me, I had lost the discipline of turning out 3/4 times a week.

Needless to say, I am really cross with myself, what an idiot. I miss being able to run without worrying that I am going to expire! It may be easier to stay on the couch, put weight on and shorten my life, but I do also like feeling healthier, livelier and clothes fitting tidily.

So hopefully, I have learned my lesson. I started back on W3, I've just finished W4 and looking forward to the first run of week 5 on Friday.

I have been lurking but not posting for while, but now that I have done two weeks of work, I am happy to be back, hopefully this time for good!

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Welcome back Dansmum and a big pat on the back for having the courage to do so!

Wow, you came such a long way in the summer but it looks like you are back with a vengeance and a good positive attitude so good on ya! You know from experience how supportive this community is so we are all behind you....

Good luck for W5!


Thanks, and yes I agree, this community is so supportive. Silly me, I should have blogged ages ago that I was having trouble, i would have been back far sooner!


Welcome back Dansmum and Good luck! You've got the right attitude!


Thanks Delia, it is good to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do but will stick with it.


Well done for getting back in the groove! Hope you keep well!


Think I'm still in the 'rut' Oona, but the groove is just around the corner. Good luck with any runs today or tomorrow.


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