Shame faced but back!

One very humble graduate reporting back. I last blogged here in July when I was on B210K, W2R2. I wrote how I had a horrible run and how hard it was. That was on a Wednesday, on the Friday I woke up running a high temperature, and feeling awful all over.

This went on and on, the doc said it was something viral and I had to ride it out. As you've guessed, I didn't run that day or for the next couple of weeks. I wasn't too worried as I have taken a break before without too much loss of fitness and since then I turned out a couple of times and managed 30 mins without problems. But, and it was a big but to me, I had lost the discipline of turning out 3/4 times a week.

Needless to say, I am really cross with myself, what an idiot. I miss being able to run without worrying that I am going to expire! It may be easier to stay on the couch, put weight on and shorten my life, but I do also like feeling healthier, livelier and clothes fitting tidily.

So hopefully, I have learned my lesson. I started back on W3, I've just finished W4 and looking forward to the first run of week 5 on Friday.

I have been lurking but not posting for while, but now that I have done two weeks of work, I am happy to be back, hopefully this time for good!

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  • Welcome back Dansmum and a big pat on the back for having the courage to do so!

    Wow, you came such a long way in the summer but it looks like you are back with a vengeance and a good positive attitude so good on ya! You know from experience how supportive this community is so we are all behind you....

    Good luck for W5!

  • Thanks, and yes I agree, this community is so supportive. Silly me, I should have blogged ages ago that I was having trouble, i would have been back far sooner!

  • Welcome back Dansmum and Good luck! You've got the right attitude!

  • Thanks Delia, it is good to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do but will stick with it.

  • Well done for getting back in the groove! Hope you keep well!

  • Think I'm still in the 'rut' Oona, but the groove is just around the corner. Good luck with any runs today or tomorrow.

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