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After completing c25k on Monday I decided to start the bridge to 10k plan. I'm not sure I even fancy running 10k but without a specific plan I do worry that at some point I'm just going to stop. Anyway I loaded up on chicken and rice at lunchtime so I had the necessary fuel but after leaving work I faced my first obstacle - the temperature had dropped from a balmy 10 to a chilly 3 C since my last run.

On the drive home I had a serious mental debate as to whether I could be bothered and if I should just wait until the next day to go out. In the end I decided that since I'd eaten a bigger lunch than usual I might as well go out and run the calories off.

The first run of the plan is 4 x 10 min jogs with 1 min walks inbetween. So in my head I considered running for 10 mins is easy when you're used to 30 without stopping. The first 10 were peaceful enough but the second 10 were largely uphill which can be a bit of a killer.

Now I ran (literally) into the problem of not having anywhere left to jog. I live in the middle of Chester so I've been going out of town a bit down towards the shopping estate and up into the student area which is fine but it can get a bit dull going around the same places. Having to add 10 mins onto my usual route I had to wind in and out of streets to make up the additional time.

Once I'd got past the halfway mark and most of the uphill stuff was done I felt better and got into a decent rhythm for the run back home. Covered about 4 miles while I was out so not a bad start all in all.

How are any other B210Kers doing out there?

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  • Well done you! I graduated sometime ago and due to various things beyond my control, a wedding (not mine!), illness and sheer laziness i have not been running as regular as i should have (shame faced!). I have decided to start the programme again from scratch.

    Hopefully in a couple of months i'll be able to let you know how i'm getting on..... Keep it up!

  • I'm sure once you get back into the habit you'll do great!

  • Well done Ross, I can identify with everything you have said, I finished C25K in exactly 9 weeks on Sunday and am really keen to keep the momentum going. Bearing in mind that when I started a 90 second run was a challenge. I had not done any real exercise since I hung up my rugby boots 20 years ago. I embarked on the B210K last night and found it harder than anticipated especially for some reason the 3rd leg, maybe because I was doing circuits around my hilly local park. I now have 2 goals 1. to keeping running for 60 minutes and 2. to break the 30 minute barrier for 5k ( PB 33:54). I'm hoping the hill work helps.

    Next run tomorrow, now I know what to expect.

    Good look with your training.

  • Sounds like a solid plan to me. I often find the first half of a run hard (and sometimes the second half too) but I suppose I just trust in the plan and stick with it. Otherwise I'd probably give in after 15 minutes. Hope it goes well for you.

  • Both of you are welcome to join in on the conversations in 5K+, there is a group of grads just starting out with 10K training. :-) Gayle

  • Welcome to the club! There are a _lot_ of us just starting Bridge-to-10K right now! Look for tags of "bridge to 10k" or "b210k" and join in the fun! :-)

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