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Paracetmol, ibuprofen, banana and orange juice - good to go! 1st B210k run

So reading posts yesterday I was mightily impressed with the hangover runners and feeling that I was being feeble - decided that despite my massive investment in alcohol last night - I would start that B210k programme this morning.

Clearly going back to intervals should be easy - 4 x10 min runs a cinch. First two were fine - legs started to protest a bit on the third run- slowed down. But I was running in a very grumpy mood - not like me- I am a cheery runner - but worked out it was the banging american rock music that sounds like you are a fair ground that was spoiling my karma. Switched it off and went 'naked'- bliss and peace - but alas my legs were definitely complaining. The last 10 mins were like interval training - but still made myself run the 10 mins. Six k completed and 500 calories used up - brill. I ignored the man in the bright yellow vest 15 years my senior - lapping me three times - I hid when I saw him coming around a fourth time.

The best bit of this morning apart from going - was my fab new running trainers - two months ago I bought some very swanky- all form and no function Adidas trainers- they have been awful. A podiatrist did fancy things to them with pads and alterations - but advised Brooks. Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought some Brooks adrenaline's - they were great- didn't think how uncomfortable my feet were once.

So all in all a good days run - I have worked out a new longer running route and I going to try the pyramid running intervals Tues. I will complete B@10k first week fri and sun

Happy running everyone.

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Well done... I love the fact that you hid from neon man!!! I invested in brooks after having really bad knees and I have to say they are worth every penny... I got them for my son too as I am concerned he's still growing etc...good luck on the 10k training!!


Thanks JJ - I did actually bump into him again around the corner doing his post run stretches - I walked on the other side of the road head down- he did give me cheery smiles though every time he went past me. The shoes I love-and already feel they are worth every penny.

Have just packed hubby out the door to go fishing (each to their own!)- and have fortifying G and T in my hand - lovely:-)


You sound like you are at the same stage as me. Post C25K, and moving on. Are there any podcasts or similar for 'Bridge to 10k'?


Now do not for one second think I know what I am talking about - but here goes.... I want to build up to a 10k (new goal and structure and all that )- and I have different strategies - one is just to extend my running by 10% each week- that worked quite well running to my own running music. But holidays and enjoying life interfered - so I have slipped back a bit and wanted something more structured. The Samantha Murphy B210k programme will suit me - similar to c25k - but not quite as supportive as Laura. (I will have a hunt for the download link in a moment). Basically 6 weeks of capacity building to final hour or so of running - but whether I will be running 10k is another matter - I suspect it will take me longer. You can look up online the basic programme and just time yourself with your own music. I will doing this as I was not a fan of samantha's music - but others have found it fab.

On the interval training front got bored with speed podcast so I have downloaded audio fuels pyramid programme - yet to try it.

Happy running :-)


I was thinking along the same lines, progressively extending runs whilst weaving in some stamina training. I am quite happy running 5K, but I am 'self-competitive' (if that makes sense), so I know I can go quicker, and further, so I will.

Thanks for the tips. I'll take a look at the Audio Fuel stuff.


The B210k link is in questions about a month ago - posted by honours mum - link in replies. i am like you self competitive and need something to aim for.


Enjoy your new training plan and enjoy your brooks (I like mine)


Thank you- I is loving my brooks-we can swop marathon training plans nearer the time - I expect your's will be more challenging than mine!!


SuzyB that's a great story. I will be interested to hear how your B210K works out. Oh! I always find a G&T fortifying too!!!


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