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Does it matter what beat of music you run to?


Ok, 6 rounds of " as problem with you truly....all the boys in her home town..." etc etc are enough for me. Now I've found a 5k route that works to me I need to make my own play list. Can I just pick out some uptempo stuff or is the Laura set music to a particular beat? Sorry if this is a dim question; music is not my thing...

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hello I was just going to pist a similar question about music - more about how to work out my pace so I can opick some tunes to match it - someone else on here recommended a site called - I have just had a look and it looks really good.

If you know your pace you can enter it on the site and it comes up with loads of suitable tracks to match your running speed..


I meant post not pist...... and excuse the rest of the typos :-(


I'm not too good at running to a beat, I've never has any rhythm and can't/won't dance. I just run, but the up tempo stuff does seem to spur me on. I recently bought "100 running songs" DVD compilation and have loaded it onto my mp3 player all on to one playlist which I set to shuffle.


I like the typos, they made me laugh.


Just make your own playlist up.

I've got a few mp3s from the audiofuel website that I love but I'm sure the music isnt to everyones taste.

They're basic electronic music made to a set bpm so a foot is meant to hit the ground every drumbeat. I found them really good to help pace myself when I first started.

gingernut49Graduate is just for the iPhone. I found a free app called fitradio which works with my android - excellent range of genres and beats.

I'm only on week two of C25K so I'm currently listening to this on the days when I'm not doing that but walking instead - gets me pacing it out!


I use There's a website, you don't need to download the app. You just put in your pace and pick what genre of music you like and then it suggests some songs. There's so much stuff on there that I found a lot of songs that I already had that were suitable.

jrwtcGraduate is great. Thank you for all replies. I have put together a play list on a as scrap of paper, now persuading lovely husband to do the downloading as technology isn't my thing either ;-) But I can run!

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