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My very first run - The Day After!

Well having not done any exercise for 10 years and piling on the pounds from sitting in a car all day I finally took the plunge yesterday and did my first run :-) OMG! I'm so glad I did! I deliberately spent alot of money on Nike shoes and Nike clothing just to make sure I didnt back out at the last minute! I am very good at finding excuses! Well I can honestly say that I felt so much better afterwards and felt really alive like someone had given me a happy pill!

I am going to try my second run this evening as I want to try and fit my first week into the bank holiday weekend only because my work hours next week are very full. Weirdly I do ache but probably not as bad as I thought I would and my biggest fear was that awful sore throat that you normally get when you breathe so hard because you havent done any excercise for so long. However I really concentrated on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth and my throat didnt hurt at all! My right buttock aches the most this morning and I just said to my husband I must run differently on each leg as I dont understand why my left buttock doesnt ache!

I have to say though that the podcasts are brilliant and I definitely couldnt have done this without Laura. My only gripe was that she didnt mention when I was half way and I had forgotten that there were 8 runs so I kept going in one direction for ages only to realise that she then said you only have 2 runs left and I was ages away from home! So needless to say I had a much longer walk after the podcast had finished to get back home! Learnt my lesson there!

I cant wait for my next run and to anyone else out there who is having doubts...... Don't! If I can do it at the age of 46 having not done anything for 10 years, anyone can. Also try out the Nike+ Running App, its great, it tracks your time, distance, calories and when linked to Facebook will give you cheers along the way from friends! Sorry this is such a long blog but I want to be able to look back in 9 weeks time and see how far I have come! If I have inspired someone I have achieved 2 things instead of 1. Good luck everyone........ Have a fab weekend.

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Great first blog! It sounds as though your first run went really well. Good idea to bribe yourself with running gear so you don't give up and waste it. This whole programme boils down to a great big mind game (mind over legs!), so that's a very promising start!



Well done Julie from a fellow 46 year old who graduated this week! Great blog. I found the very first run hard work, not helped by wearing too many layers of clothing and feeling so hot! Such a great feeling to complete the first one. Good luck with the programme and look forward to following your progress. Claire. X


Great going, I am 48 and only took up exercising this year, so it is possible. Do take it easy, the program recommends a rest day between runs, this will help you to avoid injury and having to take extra time off. (sorry if that sounds like a lecture)

Hope you enjoy the running, it is addictive and fun. I have lost almost a stone and feel good in myself.

Happy running :-) :-)


Hi Julie

I started this week too. Looking forward to your next post


Thanks for all your lovely comments, the support on here is great! :-) I took your advice and left a day in between my runs and completed my Third run for week one tonight. So glad I have week one under my belt! Well done Alcopop for losing all that weight, I hope I can report the same one day! Smilingsuzc let us know how you get on, we can compare notes! Onwards and upwards to week 2 :-) Its weird seeing some of you as a graduate! I can't imagine myself finishing as the end seems soooo far away!


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