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Another Parkrun, mud, mud glorious mud

I hadn't done a Parkrun since the beginning of November, and what a change all the rain has made, so muddy, although a couple of weeks ago while I was still recovering from injury the course had large puddles too.

It was the first outing for my new trail shoes, which I must say were very comfortable, I didn't even think about my feet or shoes while running, and I didn't slip in the mud (my biggest fear).

I found the run real hard work, I couldn't seem to get my breathing right, which is strange, because the last few runs it's been my thighs protesting, but my breathing's been ok. My time was 30:45, which is my best in a while.

I had been thinking of aiming for 10k this year, but I think I need to run a few more 5k's before I up my distance.

BTW My shoulders still ache from the Jillian Michaels DVD(see my previous blog), but I'm going to give it another go today.

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What a great time for your 5K, BettyJane! I'm so envious! If that's your time and your breathing 'wasn't right' then what time would you do if it was right? As far as 10k is concerned there seems to be lots of people on here starting the B210k programme at the mo so you'd be in good company! Best wishes. :)


Great blog BettyJane and awesome, awesome time!! I run very slow compared to you and Steve and I started out 10K training today! I say you and oona need to join in! No time like the present! We would have a fantastic Graduating class! :-) Gayle


Well done with the parkrun in the mud - and the comment about the aching shoulders made me smile - compared with the comments about that dvd on amazon, you are a brave person to be willing to do it again!


I don't think I'd have been able to do the DVD before I started C25K. I was surprised how quickly my second session was over..........ooooooooooh my aching arms, it much be working.




Well done Betty, great time. I will be heading to Orpington next week....first park run in ages due to volunteering and then being it of actin for the last month. I might venture over to Bromley for the next pacing event at the beginning of Feb.


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