Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

I have just started to increase my distance once a week, did 7k last weds, so was aiming for that again this week. Have a lovely route which starts off roads and pavements and as a 'reward' bridle paths and field tracks for the last 2k. Now it has been very muddy in places and today was no different, however, unfortunately I slipped and face planted the mud! See pic! Luckily it was all very soft, but sadly I will probably have to change my route, but safety comes first! Surprised at how fast I went down! Got to my 7k though, and please excuse the crystal tips look (lifelong), I had a facial yesterday too, wasn't planning on another one just yet! Just had to take a pic and share!

Happy (and safe) running!



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25 Replies

  • héhé Crystal Tips and Alistair :D I remember that ! Have to say I never really understood it though.

    Pleased to hear that you were not hurt by your fall.

    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. That's showing you my age :)

    Happy running

  • Thanks Zev, it really took me by surprise. I think we may be the same age, if your name tag gives it away, did you watch Hectors House? For some reason, I can not explain, I always hated Kiki the frog.

    Take care :-))


  • Yes, born 1963 :) and yes I remember "I'm a great big stuffy old Hector !" :) Kiki was strange, she had what seemed to be a row of teeth with no gaps between, effectively one wide tooth :)

  • ooo I loved Hector's House!

  • I had Hector's house wallpaper in my bedroom....just loved it! (Lucky girl, very slightly younger than you both). My favourite was Parsley the lion and the Herbs... :D Showed a few episodes to our kids recently, on youtube...Hector was keen to shoot Kiki, an intruder, and Lady Rosemary's hubby (his name escapes me) was keen to shoot Sage the owl...scary stuff!!

    BTW, you look great...mud & all! :-)

  • Thanks, I don't remember them being that violent! Ah well, the rose tinted glasses of youth!


  • Glad you didn't hurt yourself :)

    Being of a similar age, I 've never heard about Hector :(

  • Thanks Tomas, think I'm going to have a bruise on my left thigh/hip, but only superficial, can't believe how fast I went down, it was a very swift slip! Glad it was at the end of my run though.

    Not sure that you've missed an awful lot in not knowing Hector, there's always the Clangers and the soup dragon!

    M x

  • and the frogletts, don't forget the frogletts :D

  • and the iron chicken!!! :)

  • Mud aside, you look fabulous!

  • Thank you, you are very kind. My hair is usually tied back, can't stand flappy when running, it's amazing what dark colours can disguise!


  • Fantastic photo Madge. I played rugby for years at school (many moons ago - I'm 54 next week, oh goodness how did that happen?) and there was nothing better than playing a very wet winter's game sliding around a muddy field and everyone ending up the same colour!

  • Thanks, yes, and the 'oh no, what's my mum going to say...' With the muddy kit, funny how these 50 something's seem to be reliving a bit of youth, but it's great isn't it, I'm now off to play on my space hopper!


  • Oh poor Madge, hope you don't feel any after effects. Many women pay a fortune for that sort of facial!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner, I now think I was very lucky, if the ground had been harder I would have smacked my hip and ribs pretty hard, so I am thankful for that. The mud was ok until it began to dry up and go a bit crispy! Luckily I didn't eat any!


  • Love it Madge. I was also covered this morning but only up to my knees ;-)

  • Thanks, and aren't we so proud of the running 'medals', mind you I could have done without the face pack!


  • Fab photo Madge. Love it! And really well done on the 7K.

    Ah crystal tips. That brings back memories. A few of us girls used to give those names ( Alastair, Dougall, etc) to guys we fancied in school. It was our little secret language. " I've seen Crystal Tips today" swoon swoon.

  • Thanks, ha ha, that sounds like fun!


  • you did very well to complete that run caked in mud! :) bet it was a bit of a shock! :X Great picture!

  • Hi aliboo, thanks, yes, I can't believe how fast I went down, one minute I was watching the ground to pick my steps over the mud, the next I was on the ground, and all I could muster was an 'oh' , glad it was near the end of the run though. And yes, I liked the iron chicken, she was lovely!


  • Love how you continued your run with mud all over your face like some kind of badge of honour! I was nicknamed Crystal Tips at school too! Is that a buff you've got round your head? I might give that a go to try and control my crazy frizzball locks..

  • Thanks Curly, I was very near the end, think I am paying for it a bit today, I went down on my left side and my left arm is quite sore this morning, but it will go. That's a head band, only a cheapie, I have got a beanie hat too, but found it too hot at the moment, but like something that keeps the wind off my ears - and helps keep the earphones in! Normally my hair is tied back, don't like it blowing in my face, and like to keep it off my neck, my scrunchie failed too!, so ended up looking like one of those old fashioned string dish mops! I have got a buff as well, really like it for keeping my neck/chin/mouth warm. My daughter has got a pink fleecy one, she used to have a moped, so I might pinch that if it gets too cold!


  • Yes, can't run under a string mop can we? Just back from my run, it was so windy today my frizz wouldn't stay in my scrunchy..I usually fold my buff and pull it over my ears, they get a bit sore if they get cold, but too warm today! Hope you feel better soon xxx

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