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Parkrun Blues

First of all, the strap on my Garmin Forerunner broke this morning so I had to put up with the inconvenience of having to carry it around the course with me.

It was pouring down before, during and after the run and like most runners, I don't mind, in fact I quite enjoy, a gentle refreshing shower but this was far too much of a good thing!

When I finally finished the Parkrun (not quite in last place) the scanner refused to recognise my barcode and then, to put the tin hat on it, my Garmin insisted I'd only run 4.87 km. - I didn't cheat, honestly! - Perhaps some rain got into it, I dunno but I think next week I'm going to invest in a new Garmin and I think I'll go a bit up market from my current Forerunner 10.

Might as well get some new running shoes too as I'm about ready for a pair; actually life's not so bad after all is it? :)

P.S. What on earth's that tag about? "TIN"?

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Ah Well done Phil , good to read despite your Garmin falling to pieces and nearly drowning in the rain , you managed to complete it in one piece .

Your tag must've come from you writing " tin hat " in your post I think . There are some very odd tags being generated lately , how bizarre !

Enjoy your weekend ! :-) xxx

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How frustrating. My Forerunner 10 strap broke on a race day. It's now held together with dental floss. Which model are you considering upgrading to? I'm thinking 225 for myself. I like the idea of a heart rate monitor, but don't like the idea of it around my chest.


I can heartily recommend the Forerunner 220. It measures HR with a chest strap though.

My friend has one of the vivoactive watches and he reckons the HR measurements are quite accurate.


Does you feel the strap as you're running? It has to be quite tight doesn't it?


I like the ingenious dental floss idea but mine's snapped where it joins the main body of the watch so it's a non-starter. Haven't decided which one to get yet but I have a separate HRM I bought quite cheaply on Amazon although I don't use it much as it's not comfortable; there are softer ones available apparently.


I think a lot of the Garmins under-measure. It made worse by having lots of corners or trees on your run. Looking at Strava it seems like a lot of people's watches measure my local parkrun as 4.9_ km. I doubt it was the rain that was the problem.


Yes, much of it meandered through woodland so you're probably right - still feel cheated though ;)


I've got the Forerunner 25, which I find meets all my needs (measures cadence as well). Well done for getting round, Phil. I got round too, today, and the rain held off mostly until after we finished. Struggling with glute pain at the moment. This is a year for injuries migrating around - hamstrings/piriformis, knee, then this.......

Oxford half in just four weeks, too!


I'll take a look; I like the idea of cadence measuring.

It seems there's a huge choice now with some unbelievable prices at the top end. Mine seems to have given up the ghost completely now, I can't even upload the run to Garmin Connect or Strava.

Sorry to hear about your aches & pains especially with the OH coming up. Hope your good lady's persevering with running and congratulations on your forthcoming 1st Wedding Anniversary.


Thanks, Phil! Yes, we just completed W3D2. Soon it will be getting serious!

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