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So frustrating!!

I managed to get back to running just before Christmas after the flu from hell and did 3 runs in 5 days, working myself back to fitness. The last run was Christmas day - a perfect start to what was a lovely Christmas. Until the day after boxing day when I came down with yet another cold. Not flu this time thank goodness, but more sneezing, coughing and generally feeling like crap. Just got back out this morning and managed 20 minutes at a good pace. 20 minutes seems to be my eternal go to run after having a break.

It was good to get back out there again but it's so frustrating to stop and start like this. I feel as though I'm not achieving anything and going backwards. It's only a few weeks ago that I started B210K - well that's gone out of the window. Fingers crossed I can stay healthy and get the miles in.

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It is very frustrating. Is it possible you were not completely recovered when you started back?

Wishing you a run of really good health...pardon the pun.


Poor you! But you ARE getting out there and you are doing 20 minutes at a good pace. That's important. You won't go backwards so long as you keep up your commitment and don't get down about it. Wishing you better and a speedy return to 'proper' running.


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