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W5 R2 done and dusted


After getting to bed later than usual last night, I had the realisation that I was going to struggle to fit this run in today but I really didn't want to leave it another day (after having my 2 rest days prior). I somehow managed to convince myself to get up an hour before the kids and get out first thing, whilst it was cooler. Even at 6am it was very warm out there, so i'm glad I did!!

I was surprised by the first 8 minutes, i managed it pretty well! Breathing was not massively controlled but it didn't feel like too much of a push.

The last 4 minutes of the second run were a challenge though. Had to really push myself and couldn't slow my pace any more than I already had. Wasn't sure i was going to make it to the end...but I did it!

20 minutes still just feels too big but I'll give it my best shot xx

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Well done.

Those of us a week or two ahead of you have all felt the same concern about the next run - it is a landmark and daunting.

You can do this - the programme has led you deliberately to this point and you are ready for it. It will be a challenge, but an achievable one.

Go smash it, but run slowly!

MamaHogg in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you so much for your encouraging words 😊 x


You will amaze yourself. I built up w5r3 to be a massive thing in my head but I sailed through it. This program works you just have to believe in yourself x

MamaHogg in reply to AngieW1968

I try to take the approach of not thinking about it until i'm doing it. That way, there's no option but to just give it my best go, and i keeo surprising myself so far.

There is always just that brief moment after each run where my mind runs ahead to the next run and those gremlins creep in!

Thank you for your encouraging words xx


Well done. I think early morning runs are the best, and I like the fact that it is done and dusted for the day with no room for procrastination.

I agree with Jay66UK. Believe in yourself, and in the programme. Many of us were feeling exactly the same as you but it really is possible. You can do it 🙂


Well done - and remember we are now more than half way through the programme :) Just have to keep it going :)

Thanks everyone 😊 I'm just going to keep plodding on until i get there xx


I'm due to do that one on Friday. I try now to not think about the next run. This morning I did W5R1 & found myself worrying. I calmed it right down by just thinking- give it a go - you managed all the other runs & if you can't do it just do what you can & then repeat it on Friday. Think that helped. I got through it anyway! Good luck with R3. Let us know how it goes.

MamaHogg in reply to Hidden

That's hiw I approach all of the runs too. I have a moment of doubt and anxiety at the end of the previous run (because i still remember at that point how challenging it was and know the next will be a step up) but then i soon forget, and by the time i get to each new run, i go out with an open mind and little expectation... i often surprise myself with how much I can achieve! It's a good approach to take 😊

Good luck with the next one and let us know how you find it xx


Well Done! To think you nearly set yourself back... go you. Haven't tackled W5R1 yet, couldn't get out tonight. Tomorrow's another day, hopefully the rain will stay off. Don't mind running on the rain in general but this week is a bit daunting already. I'm inspired by your progress. X

MamaHogg in reply to Hidden

I'm sure you'll ace it! Good luck xx

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