Grrr! After running 5k 3 days ago, couldn't even manage 20 minutes today :(

What is this all about? I know we all have good days and not-so-good days, but I was so elated after finally achieving 5k the other day. I gave myself an extra day's rest, because I was shattered, so went trotting off today thinking I'd do a nice, easy 30 minutes before tackling the 5k route again next week.

Nope. Legs stopped after 10 minutes, so walked for a minute and started up again. Managed another 5 minutes but I was staggering to the point of not picking up my feet properly, so walked again for 3 minutes. I was determined to make it to at least 20 minutes, but gave up at 18 thinking that at least I'd tried and been out for some sort of run.

But seriously - why does this happen? Anyone else get this sort of thing? The six-year-old in me is shouting, "It's not fair!" :)


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12 Replies

  • I have days like that too, but it tends to be my head that stops me as opposed to my body. I've done the majority of the plan on a treadmill and have only this past week been venturing outside, so I have a new found enthusiasm for outside running. Things that have stopped me in the past are not eating enough / or not eating good food, dehydration, time of the month and just plain not being in the right frame of mind. Put it behind you, crack on and the next one will be better for you I'm sure. Oh and remember, there is no such thing as a 'bad' run, only 'a run that could have gone better' you went out and ran, that in itself is great, don't be too hard on yourself

  • I'm sure you're right, Nickyrunning, I should just put it behind me and crack on. I think, though, if I knew what makes a better run (ha - see what I did there? :) positivity) it would be easier to plan this fitness lark. And yes, I did run - that has to be good.

  • I know exactly how you feel and you are right 'it's not fair'!!! Keep going, am sure the next run will be a good one :)

  • Thanks, AliB1 - I've more or less stopped sulking now, thanks to the support I have received here!

  • Put it behind you, chalk it up as a bad run, but any run is better than no run at all (Laura's words). We all have runs like that, sometimes with us women it can be a TOM thing other times it could be down to dehydration, too much wine the night before or what you ate or didn't eat!! Don't be too hard on yourself just go out in a day or two with a positive frame of mind and all will click back into place. :)

  • Thanks, Oldgirl - who knows why, but you're right in that any run is better than no run at all! The next one will be better :)

  • Yep, I have it too. It's most annoying when your head KNOWS you can do it, but your body/mind/gremlins don't let you. But at least you went out. Don't beat yourself up about it, just have a day of rest then go out again. It'll be fine!

  • I suppose I knew in theory that it happens to others, but it's nice to hear all the support on here. Thanks, Diamondwitch - I'll go again in a couple of days and hopefully it will be better.

  • Hi AnnieMurph I graduated last Sunday and I had the same experience today. I hit twenty minutes and it was like I had run of gas and I came to a complete stop. I had this in week 7 with the 25 minute runs, the first one I did fine and the second was a complete disaster. I spent ages beating myself up and trying to analyse why, This time I'm not worrying why and just going to take an extra few days rest and go for it again.

  • It's odd, isn't it? And bloody annoying, when you know you can do it! I think this happened to me a couple of times round about week 6/week 7 but then I was panicking that it meant I could never be a runner. Since I graduated I am much less edgy about bad runs, but it still irritates the hell out of me when everything should be hunkydory and it isn't! Go, Runnerbean - I'll be out there with you and we will do this!

  • It's just one of those things sent to infuriate us Anniemurph. I hate it because it seems such a waste of time but, as is so often said, any run's better than sitting on the couch!!

  • Thanks, stayinbed. I know this - in theory - but it's still very annoying! And... if I think back to when I couldn't do the 8-minute run... :)

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