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Against better judgement (still Week 7...)

I knew this wasn't going to work. No idea why I went out anyway. The weather was cloudy and then again sunny all day and I was wondering if I should go out in this windy and weird weather. And then I had a headache too. At 4 o'clock I decided to go because I would have to work the next day and it's going to rain too. Better try to get this run in before I have to go twice at the weekend or (even worse) move on run to the next week.

The first five minutes were fine, but from when I passed the point I usually start to run (I went the other way around this time) I knew it's going downhill. I ran through the wood the next 5 minutes, and then MapMyRun announced another 5 minute mark (10 minutes of running) and I felt the "blah". Maybe it also was the fact that I pushed on up the little "hill" and there was more walking than running (or at least it felt that way), that I thougth "okay, sod it." I walked, turned around and walked all the way back. I couldn't even bring mayself to run for a bit when I started to get cold and would be home a lot faster if I would have run.

Oh well. Maybe I was too confident after finally managing the 25 minutes two days ago, that I could do it again? Maybe I need one "bad" run inbetween the really good ones? I know, I managed 13 or so minutes. More than I ran in week 1 in total. But still it bugs me.

I have another day off in two days. Maybe I go back to running in the morning and see how this goes. It cannot be that Week 7 defeats me! But at the same time it probably would unwise to move on to Week 8 after Sunday (and maybe only 2 completed runs) if I haven't done the 25 minutes at least 3 times in a row. And 20 minutes seems like a step back (even if I don't even seem to be able to do them at the moment). Stupid week 7, really...

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Those bad runs just happen sometimes. When you do your next good run you'll appreciate it all the more. Week 7 will not defeat you, keep going! Good luck for the next run.

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Thank you. I made it to week 7, I'm not stopping now. And if I have to run those 25 minutes a hundred times, I WILL make it to the 30 at some point! I'm not giving up 5 minutes before the finish line

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I failed my first week 7 run too. I gave myself a million reasons why I would fail the run and surprise suprise thats exactly what I did. Once you get to the long runs its really is all about mental attitude rather than ability to run. When it get tough break the run into smaller chunks, get to the lampost after next then ask youreslf if you can do another 2 lamposts.

You know you can run the time, try week 8 and see how you get on.

Good luck :)

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I have no idea why I didn't try that method the past weeks! I did it the very first one (literally with lampposts) but now that I changed my route I would have to go "to the next tree... the next farm... the next tree". But maybe I should try it again next time. it worked for week one, why not for week 7?

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Hi SuZi, that's exactly what happened to me today, week 7 run 2 and after 12 mins, I just stopped and went home! Legs wouldn't go any further. Strange, but I'm going to try again tomorrow and see what happens, we'll get there, one day.

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It's as if your feet (or mind) just goes "Nah, not doing that today" after 12 minutes! But I'm sure we can do the 25 minutes again next time!

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appolloniaGraduate in reply to

Yeah, that's exactly what happened

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I did my 3 week 7 runs (one I even felt good enough to make it 28 mins!), then yesterday, a day after the last one, I tried to go out for an easy jog and only managed 5 minutes before I felt "blah" and just couldn't keep going, so frustrating!

Hoping it was just a bad day because I'm about to try Week 8 later - good luck with your run :)

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I did the first 25 minutes (the last run of week 6) okay. Never had to do a run twice up to this. Then the first run of Week 7 and I just couldn't do it (that was 6 runs ago, during which I only managed the 25 minutes once). It's frustrating if you know you did that time already, why not again on this day!? but sometimes the mind (more than the body) won't cooporate.

Two days ago when I did the 25 minutes for the first time after 4 failed attempts I was considering going further to maybe 28 minutes. now I'm kinda mad I didn't, haha!

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Those runs never stop bugging you, or at least they havn't stopped bugging me

What does happen after a few is you know the good ones come back again. That's the nice thing about keeping a nit of a diary is that when you have a bad one you can look back at the last one and see it all coming right.

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At the moment it really looks like the good (as in I managed the whole time) and the bad (stopping after 10 minutes) alternate nicely. Maybe I try again tomorrow after work. Let's hope the clients annoy me so much I have to let of steam by running ;)

I'm sure the good ones will come back. I have to remind myself to not let myself feel bad about the bad ones.

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I've been wound up a lot today - maybe I should go out and pretend I'm stamping all over them!! ha ha - Probaly do a hour then. LOL

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Probably DOH!

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