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For those of us who are "of a certain age"


Have you seen this?

It is an amazing thread! I suddenly feel like a spring chicken compared to people in their mid-eighties doing half marathons and the like! Truly inspiring! ENJOY!

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Brilliant!! Another spring chicken here too........



I've just spent an age reading through that - definitely recommended reading for anyone over 50 - or even over 80! Amazing people on there - not least the lady who is 87 and can speedwalk faster than I can run.

Very interesting how many people comment on the greater need for recovery time for older bodies.

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks Sue and Greenlegs, glad you enjoyed the thread! Certainly makes me feel better about my running :-D

Wow - that's exactly the kind of information I've been looking for - I was going to blog about it but now I don't have to :-) I read a book over Christmas "What I Talk About when I Talk About Running" by Haruki Murakami (one of my favorite novellists). He has been running long distances (marathon and even an ultra marathon) for many years and mentioned how sad he is that now in his mid 50s, he knows that his times will only increase. I was wondering how much capacity for "improvement" in running I have. Clearly (at 50) I'm beyond my physical peak compared with what I could have achieved at 25 but at what point will I have got as far as I can and be unable to improve? Will it be 5k in 30 mins (if I ever get there?) Or something else?

Does anyone else wonder this and have you reached any conclusions? I may try comparing my performance to some of these age-related categories if I have time and enough Garmin data to make it meaningful.

Thanks so much for posting the link Delia.

Ann xx

roundbutsoundGraduate in reply to thinnerandfitter

I don't wonder this at all. I'm 60+ and I've not been running long following a very sedentary (lazy) lifestyle. I am improving and I hope to improve for a while yet (at least until I've finished c25k) but it's a miracle to me that I'm doing it at all. Perhaps that's one advantage of doing it so late, I'm never going to reach dizzy heights so I have only things to gain and not much to lose, except weight hopefully.


Fabulous link thank you - I'm 63 and it is so good to see that I can keep doing this for years to come - I kinda thought so but good to read all about all those inspirational people! No excuse now to stop. there was really useful information too on how it may be different as you get older. Thank you


Awesome article Delia!!!!! Gayle


Very interesting article, thanks Delia.


Well, that little voice in my head whispering on about half marathons just got a bit louder!

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to OldNed

to be honest after this morning's crap run I think I'm going to stop at 5k!

OldNedGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Just one of those days?


That's really good stuff, Delia, thanks. Mind you, I AM only 24 (NOT!!!!!) I am now totally hooked on exercise, can't get through a day without it (and it allows me extra calories so I can have a piece of Christmas cake or whatever).

Oh, and happy new year! Xx

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