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For all us snails

For all of us on this forum who are slow runners,

who will never be able to write a post extolling the speed of our 5K or the PR for our 10K,

who will never run a sub 30min 5K,

who will never sign up for a marathon nor even a HM,

who are slow and steady but not winning any races - this article could have been written by, or for, any of us.

We find it a slog but we get out there and do our runs week after week. We are slow, but we are persistant.

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Oh poo ! I wish I had read this before I signed up for the Kew Gardens 10k about an hour ago !! I feel so guilty for plodding along with my 3 x 5ks a week and everyone else, it seems, doing marathons and half marathons etc.


That looks like a great route for a 10K. All the best for September! :-D


Great article!!

I had to copy the last section.... its so true...

Five things to tell yourself when you're running and hating it -

1. It will be over soon.

2. Applaud yourself for being out running at all.

3. Remind yourself how much farther/faster you can go now than you could when you began.

4. Remember how great you will feel about yourself in just a short while when you finish.

5. The best shower on Earth is the one after exercise.

Five tips for beginners -

1 Don’t wait until next Monday, or a new month. If one day you feel a vague urge to give it a go… do it.

2 Try to find a running buddy or mentor. Mutual encouragement gives a huge boost.

3 Buy running socks. And for women who have never worn a sports bra — you will be amazed at the difference a good one makes.

4 If your body hurts, stop. Walk the rest of your run. Don’t run again until you are pain-free — but make sure you do start again.

5 Find what is sustainable for you. What other people do doesn't matter.


This is me!! Thanks for sharing 😃 it is what I think, if I can get round a 30 min route 3 times a week, I'll be happy.


That's great!!! Thanks for posting!! So true about the best ever shower!!


I love this artle for two big reasons. I am slow and proud and secondly my dad rang me tonight and read it to me because he thought I would be interested. I think each and everyone on this forum should be proud for being out there. I refuse to let my speed hold me back, I will always be at the back of the pack but I actually think I like being there.

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Me too !!


Great post thanks for sharing it and I also agree that shower is simply the best.


That is just about the most sensible thing I have ever read, and I wish I had read it 4 weeks ago!!!!


That's wonderful - I think it was written for me. Thank you


Yay for the plodders, for we just hang on in there knowing we are doing ourselves good and enjoying that feeling. We know we are not record beaters but also know that we have personally come such a long way.

Happy and proud just to be out there!


Yes that's me too. Sometimes I wonder why I'm doing the running thing at all... I just know I DO IT! I don't think I'll ever run a race, I'm happy tootling around on my own...


Thanks for posting this! I had a terrible run yesterday (Week 8 run 1) and despaired that I'd ever build up any pace. My 'phone died about 10 minutes in so I had no music and, more importantly, no Laura, so I had to just guess my timings. I'm away from home so the route was unfamiliar and the wind was so cold it was hurting my ears. All in all, it was pretty rubbish! However, I did get out there and I did do something which is more than I was doing 8 weeks ago! I'll happily be a plodder while cheering on those who speed past me. After all, it's got to be better than sitting on the couch!


I love this. Yay for the plodders who got off the couch.


I think we should start a "Plodders" club or perhaps have our Graduate badge changed to "Graduate Plodder" :-)


I can aspire to plodding I think :)


Take it easy... one plod at a time... there's an art to this :-)


Great article - plodding is my middle name


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