Couch to 5K

Blimey those lumps are muscles!

Had a bit of a shock in the shower today - was showering post run with my contact lenses in and was quite amazed to discover the muscle definition that has appeared on my calves (it's normally all a blur without lenses or glasses!) I'm weeks behind where I had hoped to be by now thanks to a few niggly knee problems (should have graduated at Easter) but my legs are actually starting to look like runners' legs! I completed W7R3 this morning without event and even found my maximum running speed had increased considerably. I did also rather enjoy the drop in temperature and cold wind blowing in my face. Can't quite believe after all the stops and starts that I have just six runs left to graduation!

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Lucky you!!! I'm still at the stage where I'm trying not to giggle to much never mind look for toned legs. The running tights definately do help. Keep going six runs will be over in no time.


Haha, thanks Laurae, I must admit I was quite surprised!


Lol. Love the title :) Well done on completing w7 ;)


Thanks paul2014


I had a similar experience, although others noticed it rather than me. I get regular Swedish massage and the lady who I go to see commented one day on my calves. She's a runner of quite a good standard (e.g in top 3 fastest women in local parkrun, regular 10ks & HMs etc) and was one of the people who actually convinced me to give running a go. My wife also noticed the 'lumps' on the back of my legs, but I'd not really noticed a difference.

I just need so shift the spare tyre now and I may start to look a bit better!

Good luck with your remaining 6 runs!


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