That Readybrek glow - for women of a certain age

That Readybrek glow - for women of a certain age

Just wondered if any other women of a certain age get the lovely hot flushes whilst running? It has happened to me a few times now and really spoils things. I did the 2k fun run today and had to contend with capris trying to fall down, running mostly on grass (bit of a shock) and an almighty hot flush. To put the tin lid on things, the mascot in fancy dress took pity on me and grabbed my hand to run down the last bit. Any ideas? I reckon Doc would just say 'well don't run then'.


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22 Replies

  • Oh, now that's just rude!! Why on Earth would a mascot do that? Grrrr!!! Don't know what to suggest really, as I never really suffered much with the 'personal summers'. What I do know is that there are various natural remedies that you could try. Maybe a trip to your local health food store might be useful. Good luck

  • Thanks Ancient Mum, a good point re natural remedies, will check it out x

  • I'm not 'of a certain age' but I'm pretty sure I'm one hot flush all the way! Nice bling :)

  • Thanks, my second running bling !

  • Interestingly I have experienced the opposite - when I started training "hard" (please read with a subtle sarcastic tone :) for the HM my hot flushes stopped completely! Only to come back this week, after 2 short 4 k runs.. Could that mean that I am destined to be an ultrarunner? ;)

    Oh, and well done on the run!

  • Thanks, reassuring that your hot flushes stopped ! Good luck with your running !

  • Flushes? I would be so lucky. My face usually feels like a furnace and looks like it too! Well done on the run. Nice bling!

  • Thanks, I may have to be brave and abandon the capris for shorts !

  • Oh no! I'm not even close to that particular certain age, and like Irish princess above I get ludicrously hot just running with 'normal' hormones (do normal female hormones exist, do we think, or is that an oxymoron?!). Hope you get it sorted. I do find wetting my hair and wearing sleeveless tops and shorts is helpful.

  • Thanks Tea fairy, good point re shorts and wetting hair, will give it a try. Reckon hormones are all over the place !!

  • I think I'd have kicked the mascot in the shins!

    I am not quite at 'a certain age' yet though at 43 this year I have it to look forward to in the not to distant future I suspect - I am like a hot sweaty beetroot by the time I get home as it is, I can't imagine adding the hot flushes into the equation - much sympathy!

  • Ha ha, it did cross my mind but the mascot was wearing this huge furry costume so I doubt he would have felt anything !

  • Hi Girly, Well done ! Lovely bit of bling that ! :-)

    I totally empathise with what youre saying . I am at this stage now , and these hot flushes are overwhelming at times.

    I am also having trouble sleeping and when I do get to sleep, these " power surges " wake me up and then I struggle to get back to sleep. I have always been one who fell asleep soon as my head touches the pillow , so this is all new to me .

    I have started taking Sage tablets. 2 x twice a day, I have only been taking them a couple of days and have noticed a slight difference so far . I am going to keep taking them in the hope that they do make a difference .

    Flippin' hormones eh ? Pah ! xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, the power surges are really annoying when they interrupt running and sleep ! Appreciate the information re sage tablets, will give it a try


  • Hope they help , worth a try xxx

  • You have my sympathy! Hot flushes indeed. I used to get them in the night, they'd wake me up so I'd have to climb on the blanket box to reach the velux and then hang half out of it to get some relief. I gave up drinking and I noticed that it cleared up after that.

    It was hot out there today so no wonder you got overheated.

  • Thanks Miss Wobble. Will try and pluck up courage to wear shorts at parkrun !

  • I've not yet! Got to capris though instead of long pants. Shorts that have some room for the air to get underneath and make them flap a bit at the sides look nice and breezy.

  • Nice big medal there!

    I really sympathise about the hot flushes. I am fortunately past most of that now although I still sometimes am woken by a 'power surge' at night. I have found that post menopause my head and face seem to sweat more at the slightest opportunity - needless to say I am like a wet rag when running - hormones eh?

    The only thing that worked for me was HRT. I know it doesn't suit a lot of women and I was reluctant, but for me was like a magic potion.

  • Thanks Ully, just hoping I don't scare too many people at parkrun if I wear shorts !

  • I'm normally OK while actually running but I have noticed more night hot-spots since I took up running..

  • It has been particularly bad this last couple of months. I started C25k last August so did most of my running in the autumn and winter. Think summer will be a struggle.

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