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The 14-step process of getting out of the door for a run :)

I was determined to get out there again today, and I did. However, it takes me almost as long to get ready as it does to do the run. As I was plodding along I was pondering on all the things I 'have' to do before I can get out of the door. Here is my 14-step process for your edification and delight.

1. Get out of bed, have two cups of industrial-strength coffee and a slice of Leerdammer cheese

2.Take anti-histamine to combat pollen and pollution

3.Wait for – ahem – “regular daily health”, as my old Biology teacher put it :D

4.Struggle, wriggle, contort, swear, turn and twist into the ForthBridgeBra

5.Put rest of kit on whilst panting for breath

6.Clean teeth (in case I need to be resuscitated)

7.Insert contact lens

8.Take 4 squirts of puffer

9.Apply lipsyl

10.Find armband for phone

11.Find tubigrip to go under armband to stop armband rubbing blisters in my arm

12.Find watch and wristband, and put trainers on

13.Write note saying where I’m going and what time I expect to be back so that my daughters know where to look for the body

14.Finally! Set Mr. Endomondo going and set off out of the door.

And none of that covers the decision-making about where to run and what to listen to :D

So - do you do anything similar? Are there things you absolutely must do before setting off, or can you just pull your running kit on and set off out of the door? Am I (go on, you can tell me) completely nuts?

Oh, and by the way, I managed 5k in 42 minutes. Very slow, but I'm pleased to be back up to 5k again. Result!

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As Henry David Thoreau once observed “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait until that other is ready, and it may be a long time before they get off.” Just think how much longer it would take if you were running with someone else!!


Wise words, wise words.


:) Now I have a reason to run on my own :)


I couldn't do it! Thanks, Ned, you have cheered me up immensely :)


Oh this is so familiar :) Here's mine (with apologies for blatant copy and posting):

1. Get out of bed, have two cups of industrial-strength tea and a glass of grapefruit juice

2. Take 2 x anti-histamine to combat sun allergy

3. Wait for – ahem – “regular daily health”, as your old Biology teacher put it

4. Clean teeth

5. Put on a pair of comfortable, hold-everything-in knickers

6. Struggle, wriggle, contort, swear, turn and twist into the ForthBridgeBra

7. Put rest of kit on whilst panting for breath

8. Apply Nivea lipsalve

9. Find belt for iphone

10. Check spare doorkey is still in belt from last run

11. Find ipod and detatch headphones

12. Find iphone and attach headphones

11. Turn off wifi

12. Get Map my Run into start-mode and hope she won't lose me today

13. Select either a C25K+ podcast or get ready with Zombie Run!

14. Kiss husband goodbye and tell him when I'll be back (aka how long he has to watch tele/do the washing up/play on the computer etc etc)

15. Step out the door and start all apps.

If I do a non pod-cast run, I do 5 min walk, then run til I hit 5K which is usually around 35-40 mins and 5 min cool down.

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Yay, it's not just me! Also, I forgot about your 10, 11 and 12 - very true. The knicker bit was included in my step 5, but it's so nice to see that someone else has a long list of things to do before they can get out of the door. Happy days :)


My pre-number-one, the day before: tell someone online that you are going to run, so you don't duck out.

It worked - I ran 5k today, for the first time since 30th June. :)


Fantastic! Oh, well done you! Today was my first 5k for a very long time too, and doesn't it just feel great? And yes, telling someone you're going to run is an excellent point - then you can't duck out :D


I run in the evening so my checks seem to be...

1. make sure dinner was more than an hour ago or has just gone into oven.

2. Make sure hubby can come out too (Ned you are so right easier to go alone!)

3. drink pint of ribena

4. put running gear on

5. hunt for lucky running socks

6. hunt for running shoes

7 go to loo

8. find watch and press start so it can find location (surely by now it must know where it is so why does it take so long)

9.alert children and hubby to impending departure

10. check it is dark enough outside to not be seen

11. back to loo ... shouldn't have drunk that pint of ribena!

12. check cats and dogs secure so not able to follow!

13 find ipod

14 find arm case

15 wrestle to untangle earphone and get ipod switched on and ready to go

16 wait for watch still searching location

17 wait for hubby to go to loo

18 let kids know leaving them

19 make it out door

20 ...finally warm up then run!!!

Yeah :)


Ha ha - I love your steps 5, 10, 11 and 17 - they made me chuckle :D I agree about the location thing as well - why does it not know? However, it's all amazing to me that we go through all this as well as actually doing the running itself, so all I can say is, well done us :)


1. Get out of bed;

2. Go to loo;

3. Get kit on;

4. Cleanse and moisturize face;

5. Add sunscreen to moisturizer;

6. Spray anti-mosquito stuff on legs;

7. Look for Garmin;

8. Look for i-pod;

9. Once located; don Garmin;

10. Untangle earphones

11. Switch on i-pod;

12. Drink two glasses of water;

13. Loo again;

13. Switch on i-pod;

14. Switch on Garmin;

15. Put door keys in miniscule pocket in running top;

16. Attempt to locate correct playlist without reading glasses;

17. Out of door;

18. Attempt to place i-pod in miniscule pocket in running top on top of doorkeys;

19. Attempt to insert correct earplug (R or L) in corresponding ear without glasses;

20. GO!


Thanks for the giggle about the reading glasses bit, Delia - I agree, if I have my lenses in I can't see anything up close :D The miniscule pocket doesn't apply to me - as I am, how could one put it delicately, generously endowed I really don't need anything else up there, and of course up here in the Midlands we don't often need mosquito repellent, luckily! But it's so nice to know that I am not the only one with lots to do before the run even starts :)


Glad I'm not the only one who has a fight with the old sports bra! :)

Burns nearly as many calories as a 30 min run!


Yep, nearly dislocated my shoulder the other day!


Mine is excellent at keeping everything where it should be, but the downside to that is its reluctance to let everything go again :D


Mine keeps what it should, plus holds my iPhone and car keys!!


I've never quite dared hide anything else down mine :D


Unfortunately I have the room. Not sure it's good for the phone though.


Never mind getting it off again afterwards!


yes I definitely have more trouble getting the thing off when it's icky and damp.


ewww - I know what you mean :(


This morning I wore a new running top. I stupidly got talked into buying a small rather than a medium. It got stuck round my neck as I tried to pull it on. Wore it. Once washed it's being donated to daughter Becky.


You know it was one of those tops with an extra bit of material round the boobs area -- as though it could support anything let alone the Forth Bridge that I carry around. No comment.




Well... it's nice to have things fitting in a flattering sort of way - but I agree comfort is everything!


I won't post a list, but just add to all your struggling to into your industrial strength sports bra: you think that's difficult, well try getting into a wet bra!

My current lack of routine to my running meant both bras were in the laundry at the same time. And by 'in the laundry' I mean both hanging out on the washing line dripping wet from the overnight rain! Nothing for it but to grab one, wring it out in a bath towel and put in on wet. Once on, it actually wasn't too uncomfortable and soon dried under my running vest once I got running in the warm (15°C) morning.


I'm impressed that you managed! I think I would have needed some help :D


It's just occurred to me that I had my i-pod in my knickers this morning -- silly new top had no pocket -- it soon ended up between my legs. Not good.


Yuck! Seriously though Sheila. I'm going to say something sensible for once -- you'll catch your death of cold by wearing wet clothes and drying them on your body (as my Mum used to say!) xox delia


Yes yes yes i know where you are,we are so much creatures of habit, so as I'm writing this before work I'm thinking leave my stuff ready so I've no excuse when i come back home to go !!!! And the good thing is I've done all the prep by going to work first win win !!!


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