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Apps vs Watch

Ok, so I've been running using my app on my phone for the past 6 weeks. It's serving me well and doubling as my music player so it's all good. But I keep thinking bout getting a Garmin or similar GPS watch.

I'm not too sure why though, surely my phone / app will give me the same details. I guess the reason I want a watch is so the data / stats is more readily accessible… It's easier to look at my wrist rather than pulling up my sleeve to look at my phone.

Does anyone have any guidance? What's better?

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Why do you want more stats? If you are happy with your app on your phone keep doing it. If you want to take it on go for a gps watch. I nearly did it myself then thought who cares. I am not being negative but just enjoy.

Hope you have fun



I like my watch as can see my stats easily when running....use it to try and pace myself and know how much further I've got to go. App on the phone does the same thing just didn't find it easy to look at during a run.


I was using my phone until I got a Garmin and I don't regret it at all! I use it to pace myself on runs and its much easier to glance at during a run than my phone ever was.

I prefer to take my ipod for music as its lighter and can clip onto the waistband of whatever im wearing. I guess if you would still take your phone for music you might as well stick with that.

Garmin (or similar) are quite expensive so you need to ask yourself the big question. Are you gonna stick with running?? no point spending the money if your not :)


I've come to the conclusion that my Ipod Touch andd Apps are fine for me along with my stop watch which I have had for ages (use for swimming). The problem I would have with a Garmin is I run without my specs so I wouldn't see it clearly anyway (just manage to read my stop watch) but once I'm home I go into Runtastic and check out all my stats and log my run on GoodRunGuide which lets me check the distance again as I do find that I lose GPS signal quite often. So would probably be the same with a Garmin, I'm hanging onto my £300 and putting it towards a holiday instead:)


Thanks all for your replies.

I think I'll stick with the phone for now. It does what I need it to do and I think I'm looking at a Garmin for two reasons, 1) it's a new gadget to buy and 2) easy / convenience of looking at my wrist other than looking at my phone under my sleeve.

You're all so helpful :)


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