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Hooray! W6R3 done

Yes! Completed Week 6 and feel fantastic. I couldn't really run for a minute two months ago.

I struggled with w6r2 in particular - but for w6r3 was okay. Once I got a steady pace, I was determined I wasn't going to stop. I could have kept going for a bit longer (although I ignored Laura's invitation to speed up a bit at the end).

Thanks to all involved - and to those who provide supportive comments here. Excuse me whilst I dance round the room a few times.

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Dance away Fenwith you have every reason to!! It's great to see how far we have progressed and sometimes it's hard to believe but it's true- we are runners now!

Best of luck for your next run. Sue


Amazing what can be acheived with this programme in just 2 months!

People dancing round rooms, running in sleet, running through deep puddles, all sorts of made things... Crazy!

Well done fenwith!


Hi fen, this is a remarkably successful and popular programme. I am on W5 but have started training (maybe optimistically) for a half marathon in March so i am pushing myself quite hard, ( 4 miles fri, Parkrun sat and 4 miles yesterday). I didn't do very well as i was exhausted. So i am resting today and am going to try 3 miles tomorrow. Really good luck for W7, Ed x


Yeah well done you!! Such a fab feeling the first time you run for that long.

Onwards and upwards :-)


Yay! Well done! I think the hardest weeks are weeks 5 and 6, once past them it's just adding minutes. Well done for leaping the hurdle.


Well done! After failing with a few of my 1 minute runs, I never dreamed I could continue on and Graduate, but it is so possible! :-) Week 6 was right up there as being my worse, looking back, I did so much better once I was in the longer runs compared to all of the walk/run sessions. You are now into the longer runs, just take your time and you will do awesome! For me, the second half of a run seems to go by so much faster then the first half. so once i know I make it mid-way, the rest is easy-peasy! :-) HAVE A GREAT 2013!!!! Gayle


A well deserved dance, I must say!! You are well on your way to finishing this little program!! Welcome to W7!!

Happy New Year and Keep Running!! :-)



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