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Gayle was a good girl! Santa treated me well!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!!!! We had a beautiful Christmas at the Hall household and Santa treated me fantastically well! ;-) He knew just what I wanted and delivered pressies of running goodies! My favorite new goodie would be my very pretty pink and purple paisley printed buff! I am spending time with it, learning all the ways to wear it. Who knew a piece of fabric could keep me so entertained!!!!! :-) looking ahead to the New Year, my next posting will let all of you know what my New Years resolution and goals will be. I am blessed to have the end of this year to reflect on my achievements of this past year. C25K/NHS has been such a big part of my success and I look forward to 2013 still involved here with this community. So, did Santa treat you to any running goodies??? :-) Gayle

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Hi Gayle, i got shiny new trail running shoes :~]


Pressies are always nice to keep the motivation flowing. :-) Enjoy the new shoes!!! I may NEED to check onto a pair of trail shoes, I don't have those yet!!! :-)


Glad you had a great Christmas Gayle and that Santa treated you well! The buff is cool isn't it; I knew you would enjoy it and it's vast versatility......I got some tops, a winter jacket and yaktracks for ice and snow running though hoping not to have to use them yet!! I am off to the sales though to get some bargain trail shoes hopefully.

I have managed a few runs over Xmas and looking forward to getting some more in during daylight hours whilst off work instead of evening runs; I'm not back until 7th so plenty of opportunity.

I hope you, Steve and your family have a super New Year celebration and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013 with lots of PB's thrown in for good measure!!

Sue x


We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope your family did as well!!! How did that Santa know exactly what to get us, Sue???? Could it of been from a hint it two?? ;-) Wishing you a blessed 2013 along with fun trying out all your new toys!!!!


Of course, Santa had to take good care of you, you have been wonderful all year long!!! You deserved it!!!

Reflecting on your achievements, you say? How about running more than you ever have in your life? How about completing your first 5K? Oh yes, and let's not forget getting a 1st place medal for your age group in one of your runs this year? Yes, I think that it has been a year full of achievements for you which you should be very proud of. I know that I am incredibly proud of you and love you dearly!!



Thank you sweetie! ;-) our achievements should be recognized and I am very proud of you as well! Thank you also for being a fantastic Santa and great hubby!! You know exactly what to get me!!! I guess the list does help... ;-)


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