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Why? Three quarters of an hour after Christmas dinner, excusing oneself to the family to go running probably isn't normal. At least, I thought so until I ran into the neighbours doing the same thing... But they clearly had had practice, and I am a rank amateur, so I wished them happy christmas and headed off to my usual secluded field to jog at a snail's pace in peace. And I completed both 90 second and 3 minute runs.

I've often thought that C25k might just be a "run-walk convergence programme": something that takes people who probably could've "run" 5k to start with, and trains them to jog slower and slower until they are able to complete the distance and still willing to call it running. I still think there's an element of that, but the fact is I couldn't have run much slower in Week 2, and when I started that just a week ago I was struggling with 90 seconds. To now complete two 3 minute runs is real progress. And what's more, I didn't even need to stop at the end. I'm not sure I quite made it 4 minutes - I'm trying to stick to the programme - but I stopped because I chose to, not because I was on the verge of collapsing in a heap.

It may be early days yet, but roll on Week 4!

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Hi m dont worry you are doing great. I did not run today as the lure of crimble pressies was tooooooo great! Ed x


Keep at it - you'll get there! Just keep at it.


That's impressive, running on Christmas Day!!


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