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W3 done... time to set some goals

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I completed W3R3 successfully this morning and had a look at the runs in W4... it all looks rather daunting with 5 minute runs and a big step up from a total of 9 minutes' running to 16!!! But I shall give it my best and push myself to complete it on the first attempt.

I thought I would post some goals here in the hope that writing them on a public forum might make me more committed to achieving them.

Before Christmas:

1. Complete C25K - Done (14/11/2015)

2. Run for 5km continuously (Done 17/11/2015)

3. Lose 5kg (Done 22/12/2015)

After Christmas:

4. Do a parkrun (Leamington - 02/01/2016)

5. Run 5k in under 30 mins. (Done 26/11/2015: 29m15s)

6. Lose 15kg

I realise goals 3 and 6 could take quite some time to achieve but if I could do them before next summer that would be great!


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Hi Simon

Well done on completing week 3. Don't look too far ahead, just take each run and week as it comes and you will get there - promise!

Good luck with your goals, let us know how you get on.

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Brilliant. I love ur goals, they seem to be achievable but with weight loss it can be unpredictable,smoke weeks losing and then getting stuck. I've lost 17 lbs now but in last 3 weeks, none even though I counted all my calories. Then this week, 2 lbs lost. no explanation for it. I found a very helpful app to help with calorie counting called My Fitness Pal, might be worth a look as you can track calories, food and there is a good forum on there too.

The C25K programme is excellent and though I have now graduated, still run three times a week and enjoying being healthy and active. Julie 😀

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Good luck with your goals.


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well done! Its good to make those commitments to yourself, and you are more likely to stick with them when you say them out loud (or post them!)

Remember that weight loss is mainly about food, eating healthy, balanced but often smaller meals and the exercise will help more to keep it off. Be aware if you are measuring 'weight' that muscle is more dense, so your weight can and most likely will plateau or even increase sometimes as you build muscle and burn fat. This is ok, you will change shape to the way you want and the extra muscle helps you to burn fat faster. I'd really recommend taking some measurements, arms, thighs, hips, waist, etc and measure again after 4 weeks, rather than depending on the scales. Adding up total inches or cm is often more motivating and rewarding :-)

Good luck with the goals and well done on the running. You are doing great, keep up the good work.


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Well done for doing this and making progress. Your running goals are entirely achievable. Good luck and keep us informed!

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Great goals to commit to! Don't look too far ahead and scare yourself, just take it run by run and you will be fine!

Excellent work. I think it is good to have short, medium and long term goals to keep you focussed and motivated. Don't forget to plan short term goals too: this week I will crush W4/ eat clean/ add in some squats and lunges etc. It is iportant to pat yourself on the back for your achievements as they happen as well.

You will succeed in goals 1 and 2. Just stick with the programme, don't go fast and hurt yourself, and you'll manage. There are plenty of witnesses to this around here.

Goal 5 is probably in reach. You allow it to happen "after Christmas", so that gives you plenty of time. Don't damage yourself chasing that goal, though. It's not worth it. Let it happen naturally. Let it just keep you on task.

Goals 3 and 6 are the tough ones. They're doable, but they are much more difficult to achieve than goals 1, 2, and 5.

As for goal 4, why do you want to wait so long? You can fit parkruns into your c25k programme. As you all start, switch on the podcast, follow Laura's directions, warm up, do your runs, cool off; and then after that allow yourself to walk the rest of the way at a comfortable pace. This is something I wish I'd realised much earlier. Somewhere around Week 5 (I think) I did c25k within a parkrun, and it was a lot of fun. It's not a race. Everyone does parkruns for their own reasons. Lots of people walk the whole thing. At the moment that's exactly what I do at a parkrun, actually.

So goal 4, you could set down for next Saturday if you like. If you need some time for procrastination, the Saturday after that would also be fine. :-)

I think the reason for putting Goal 4 after Christmas is so that I will be able to run the whole thing and not have to walk at all.

Fair enough, but Parkrun is quite different to other running events. It's you against the clock (if you want), and not a race (unless you've got some mate there that you've challenged to one). If you download the latest results from your nearest parkrun, I'll bet you find that there are some people doing it in times around the hour mark (especially if it's a big parkrun). They're walking the Whole way. Parkrun is for walkers, walk-runners, runners, and even the occasional athlete. It's a very accepting, friendly place to be. Nobody will run you down, and nobody will patronise you there.

Here's a way you could get a feel for how things work there: Volunteer first. It depends on volunteers, so while you're less confident of the running aspect, why not get your volunteering stints done? Then you'll see how it all operates, who's running, and how, etc.

Sorry to be a pest about this, but I was waiting to be "ready" for parkrun while I was trying c25k, and I discovered that this was a mistake - that I should have been going to parkruns right from the very start. Since I can't rewind my life and go back and undo my own mistake, I try to prevent others from making the same mistake, instead.

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simonwilliamstutorGraduate in reply to gary_bart

I completely understand what you're saying, Gary. However, my parkruns will be limited to just a few per year. The reason being is that I am self-employed and work nearly every Saturday morning - since I am not in the habit of cancelling work very often I really want my first parkrun to be a lot more than half-run-half-walk.

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I'm just about to get into week 4 too. I never know what the next week is going to bring but I can see from your post that it means a lot more running. We don't have a park run anywhere near here but my son-in-law runs at Leamington so I am planning to do a run or 2 there when we are down that way. I think Leamington has lots of hills so I want to be passed graduation by the time I have a go!

Good luck!

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