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Nearly there

Completed week 9 run 1 today and I'm on schedule to graduate at the end of this week. It's such a pity that the weather has been so wet because I'm now running on pavements rather than through the local parks. I'm looking forward to some drier weather before I enter the park run. Hopefully the excesses of Christmas will not affect me too much over the next couple of runs. There were a number of runners out this morning and it was nice to be greeted with a Happy Christmas" from most of them. Maybe next year I'll get a Santa Suit for the run.

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Hi wide good luck for graduation this week. Ed x


Only a few more runs to go!!!!!! I'm watching for your Grad blog!!!! Gayle


What a wonderful way to celebrate the week of graduating!! Enjoy your final few runs of the program and get ready to shine that wonderful "Graduate" badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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