Nearly there!!

Hi all,

Just completed week 9 podcast 1!!

So so pleased.

It was tough but so worth sticking with. I'm planning to do podcast three at my local park run and graduate there.

It's surprising considering my hardest week was week 3, where I thought three mins of running was going to kill me, but here we are. Near the finish line so to speak.

It's a brilliant plan.

I'm an overweight, stay at home mum who hated excercise. If it can work for me, it can work for you too.

Have a great day folks,

Sarah xxx


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  • I did W9R1 today too! It's amazing how quickly the fitness levels increase isn't it, 3 months ago I couldn't imagine running for 30 minutes without someone chasing me!

  • Lol..I know what you mean!

    If the zombie apocalypse did happen I would have been the first to be eaten! Least now I have a chance.. xx

  • I feel like learning how to shoot would be a more effective training tool for avoiding reanimation!

  • Well yeah, but there are no free courses teaching u that lol. Xx

  • Pity!

  • I feel like I should point out that I'm a pacifist and actually have no interest in shooting anyone! Clearly I'll be the first one to be bitten come zombie time!

  • Lol I didn't think u did. Runners are too tired for aggression. πŸ˜„

    But in such an event, even.a pacifist would need a gun. X

  • So true!

  • Good on you Sarah, nearly there. It is easy from now on

  • Thank you. I'm really hoping I keep it up. Tempted to try he 10k podcasts once I'm fully comfortable doing a 5k...

  • Well done! I'm doing W9R1 tomorrow - eek! Im also an overweight stay at home mum who hates exercise but have been surprised because I've really been enjoying the programme (and getting half an hour to myself 3 times a week!). Any tips for tomorrow's run? And if you don't mind me asking when do you fit in your running around kids? I've been going out early mornings before kids and hubbie are up but don't know if I'll still be able to do

    that on dark mornings?!?! Do you run outside or in a gym? X

  • Just what my problem is! I'll be interested to find out. Think I need a few half hour sessions a week to myself! Well done you :-)

  • Thanks. I know what you mean about time to yourself...utter bliss.

    I run early mornings. Get out of bed at 4.15am and out of the house by 4.30. It's the only time I can do it as hubby starts work at 6 and works a fair distance from where we live. There's no way I'd do it on an evening as I just know I'd find a way to talk myself out of going. Plus when the kids and hubby are settling down i dont wanna be going out again really. Need to.get up and just go before my brain realises what I'm doing. Lol!

    Iv always run outside. Iv been lucky with the weather as on my rundays ( Mon, we'd, fri) the weather has been reasonable but not sure how I'll continue when it's cold dark and miserable. Might invest in a treadmill, or I might just have to suck it up and hit the roads regardless. There's loads of reflective stuff out there to remain visible, and where I run there are a lot of street lights and the regulars iv got used to seeing coming from work or setting off to go will still be there in not sure honest...

    What are your thoughts about how you'll manage in winter?

    Hoping I'll see even more weight loss results as time goes on..

    Well done for getting so far?

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi Sarah I followed you as you are local, same age and a mum and needed some inspiration. I haven't started yet, finding it difficult as with my 7month old all day and would feel silly running with the pram, (prefer to do it later) when less people about but then find I'm too tired!! Well done you anyway :-)

  • Thank you. πŸ˜€

    Getting started is tough when you have a young family. I found it really hard and mine are 5 and 3 years old. But let me tell you it's so so worth the effort.

    I know you said you like to do it later but cannot recommend mornings enough. It's hard rolling out of bed when everyone else is snoozing but it just means your run is done and you can spend the rest of your day doing whatever...

    I personally found getting all my stuff out ready to just put them.on and go really helpful. And if I was just getting to a point where I wasn't motivated I looked on here at others progress or looked on pinterest for funny quotes or tips to get me moving. I found the running outfits on there motivational too. Lol.

    Recommend getting the c25k app downloaded to your phone as well. It Means u can still listen to Laura but have your own music playing.

    I really hope you find your mojo and get into running. So far iv found it really rewarding. I'm sure you will too. You can Def do it!!

    Sarah xx

  • Started week 9 this morning. It's a brilliant program.

    All the very best on your graduation week.

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