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Yesterday I thought I could do it, today I know I can

Wk1 day 3 under my belt - woo hoo! And I could have done a bit more, which is such a good feeling.

What made it easier (relatively - my legs still ache) was going even slower, and taking shorter paces. I'm pretty sure my brisk walking is about the same pace as my 'running' - but it doesn't matter, as the running takes more effort, and it's effort that makes the difference. I can build up speed, maybe, later.

The only tricky moment was meeting a stray dog just before I started the fifth run - didn't fancy it getting excited and jumping at me, so I walked a bit extra until it went past, and started that one a bit late. I counted paces and added on the extras to make up - but then had a shorter recovery period. But it was fine.

It surprised me how much I was actually looking forward to getting out and moving. So... 90 second runs for Christmas Eve. I'm almost looking forward to that more than Christmas - crazy!

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Well done you sound like you are doing really well, keep up the good work.


Thanks. I must be getting into the running frame of mind - your reply had '31 minutes ago' next to it, and my immediate thought was that it was a 5k time. He he!


Hi green, well done on finishing week 1. It does get better but it sounds like you are off to flying start. Keep up the good work, Ed x


'It does get better' he says - doesn't seem to line up with your Wk 4 day 1 posting that I've just read!!

Though I am totally puzzled by wk 4 day 1 being hard, but you can run 5k? And at a good pace too? I worked out what my pace was - hilarious! I don't think I shall confess it though - anyway, it doesn't really matter at the moment. I can run. Slowly.

I've just finished reading this rather idiosyncratic but very interesting online book abour running - 'Running Fast and Injury Free' by Gordon Pirie. Definitely worth a read - all the press-clippings at the end about his running career were fascinating, and rather sad really, that his achievements were so little recognised. I'm not even sure I'd heard of him before - name seemed vaguely familiar, that was all. Bit of a maverick, but most of what he says seems to me to make a lot of sense.


Well done on getting going :-) I managed to graduate last month and I'm still sure I walk faster than I run - and I have the stats to prove it - but I'm not bothered. Sounds like you're focused and all set to succeed. Make sure you enjoy yourself :-) FF


Thanks foylefiend (interesting name!) - I'm thinking of doing a little bit of timed running and walking today, just to see - glad that I'm not the only one who can walk faster than run! It doesn't seem to make sense, does it? But I'm not bothered either - I'm being active and I'm loving it.


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