W1R1 I know I can do this!

43 year-old from Portugal, father of 2, never exercised in my whole life, spend most of my time working at the computer. Have been gaining weight, my clothes won't suit me, run out of breath even when chasing my 3-year old daughter. Came across C25K reading the Guardian online and decided I must put all excuses aside and do this!

Today I went for W1R1, fine weather outside. The podcast is great it really prods you on. Running 60s stretches is still hard for me but I suppose it will get easier as time goes by. My legs are sore but I feel great I completed the first run. The thing I find most surprising is that while running is extenuating it is also a bit addictive. I can't wait for the next run... what's wrong with me?

The goal of running for 30 minutes straight seems super-human to me. Anyway I'm posting this so I don't fall into the temptation of giving up. Please do shame me if I don't post W2 next week!


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17 Replies

  • Keep it up! I'm only 2 weeks ahead of you, but can say that I couldn't believe I ran for 1 min, now I can't believe I ran for 3!

  • Great - the hardest bit often it actually getting out of the door for the first run! The program really motivates you from then on.

  • Yes, you can do this! Fantastic that you have started - well done for getting out of the door :) My advice is: stick to the programme, slow down if it's difficult, slow down even more when it gets harder, come to this forum for support and advice and enjoy getting fitter :) Oh, and keep blogging too - we all want to know how you get on. Everyone on this programme has been where you are now, and if I can do it, anyone can!


  • You can do it!! Week one, for me, was the hardest. I found those 1 minute bursts really painful and couldn't imagine even running for 5 minutes. Stick with it though as it deginitely gets easier. I'm now running for 28 minutes solid and if I can do it, anyone can!

  • Welcome and well done for making the hardest step of all - starting. As others have said, keep blogging as it will help motivate you as well as telling others about your progress.

  • Keep going Tristao! I first did W1R1, then mucked about with W2R1 AND W2R2 and then gave up for a couple of weeks and felt I had let myself down! I am now back on the road and just completed my W1R2 and this time I mean business! I will be waiting for a blog from you at every step of the way!

  • You sound just like me. Same age, same sedentary computer habit, same clothes issue! But after completing c25k I noticed a real difference. It was great to see my body change shape and weight drop off (I also tried to improve my eating habits) and great to find old clothes fit me again and I had to get some new ones in smaller sizes! Something to look forward to if you stick with this.

  • Well done for getting off the couch, take it from this 74 year old its a great program do what Laura said and you will be fine good luck Pat :-)

  • You can do it!

  • Well done for starting - definitely the hardest bit! You'll find all the support and encouragement you need on the forum and there will always be someone else just starting out who you can motivate too. It's a happy place!

    Stick with Laura, it really does work. I struggled with week 1, but am now finishing week 7 and I can't believe how quickly my fitness level has improved. You can, and will, do it too!

    Good luck and keep posting. Amanda

  • Your name doesn't seem to fit the upbeat blog! I'd agree - the hardest part was the first week. I didn't even manage all the 60 second runs at first, but now can run for 50 minutes. Anniemurph's comments about going slow are really good - if in doubt, slow down - I did the whole programme at barely above walking pace, but 9 weeks after beginning am now able to speed up without straining joints and ligaments.

    Oh, and beware the temptation to not take recovery days between runs!

    Carry on enjoying it! :)

  • Well done, I am still trying to get into the running. Need to plan.

  • I am a year younger than you and I was the same fitness level. Last night I completed W4R2 and while its not easy I can feel my fitness improving with each run. Just keep at it and take it easy, you WILL get through it.. The hardest part is your mental attitude towards it and not your fitness level, just enjoy it and keep telling yourself you can do it, when you start to flag draw on that mental strength and push through it

  • Well done! All the comments REALLY DO help. Just remember to really stretch out after you do the programme and follow Laura. Keep on blogging as all the encouragement is there for you. You CAN do it.

  • WOW! Thanks for all the encouragement! Will keep posting!

  • Yes, you have to keep going now because you have told the world. Everyone finds it hard to begin but it is addictive and just think of how fit you will be by the time your little one is six!

  • I do agree it is addictive!! I've never been able to run before (used to weigh 18-4) ... now weigh 10-2 after dieting for three years. Starting running in December to keep weight off and fit. Just entered the 5k local Race for Life in July - so something to aim for. Just at the week 5 run 2 stage. Very much a mental challenge as well as physical. Can't wait for weather to warm up!!

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